Wednesday, February 26, 2020


With respect to an iconic heatlh-related and educational view of hottie Denise encoruaging the wellness of her fans . . . Several times throughout the day we examine all things related to pop culture and lately we've noticed a great deal of anti-pr0n sentiment. Many regard the rise of pr0n as a sickness that needs to be wiped out even as a whole new generation boosts the industry. Even more curiously, advances in tech promise a future wherein real people don't have to suffer the hardships of the pr0n game. And all of this sticky human drama brings us to a very real sickenss spreading across the globe and raising concern in Kansas City.

As usual, our snark and headlines will always be exceptionally silly, fun and hopefully entertaining as we direct our readers to these much more serious news items:


KC doctor says to 'stay calm' amid coronavirus outbreak

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges the United States to prepare for an outbreak of coronavirus, a local doctor is helping put the virus into perspective. The CDC warned the virus could lead to a disruption of daily life throughout nation, including the possibility of school closings, working more from home and delaying elective medical procedures.

Rock Chalk Far East Crackdown

KU bans student travel to China, cancels internship program due to coronavirus threat

LAWRENCE, Kan. - The University of Kansas has canceled the 2020 Shanghai internship program amid an ongoing effort to limit the spread of coronavirus, the university announced Tuesday. The cancellation is part of a univesity-wide travel ban on travel to China due to the Level 4 Travel Advisory from the U.S.

Local Health Check

Local Health Officials Prepare For The Spread Of Coronavirus But Warn Key Tools Are Missing

The possibility of the new coronavirus spreading in the U.S. has alarmed many people, but Kansas City area health officials say they are prepared - to a point. In the past several weeks, area hospitals, health departments and other agencies have been running drills and getting ready to implement emergency protocols in case the virus that causes the COVID-19 disease appears here.

No Masking KCMO Concern

Face masks getting hard to find in Kansas City metro as virus concerns increase

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Dozens of metro pharmacies say people seem to be stockpiling on medical supplies like face masks. But many said they can't keep up with the demand. Managers at one KCK Walgreens said they've been sold out of protective masks for weeks, and they don't know when they'll have them in stock again.


CDC warns men about facial hair dangers as coronavirus spreads

Men may need to hack off their muttonchops, void their Van Dykes or pluck their ducktails if they plan on using a respirator, according to information from the CDC about how facial hair can interact with the devices.

Late Prep Better Than Never

A Guide: How To Prepare Your Home For Coronavirus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is telling Americans that they should be prepared for the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak in their community. But what does preparedness look like in practice? The short answer: Don't panic - but do prepare.

Deets Amid Pandemic Fears

What to know about the coronavirus

Public health officials, experts and members of Congress this week sounded new alarms about the spread of a coronavirus that broke out in China late last year, after hundreds of cases erupted in Italy, Iran and South Korea in recent days.

"May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor . . ."

Coronavirus fatality rates vary wildly depending on age, gender and medical history - some patients fare much worse than others

By As the coronavirus spreads, scientists are learning more about the disease's fatality rate. The medical journal JAMA released a paper this week analyzing data from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention on 72,314 coronavirus cases in mainland China, the figure as of Feb.

Drug Search Starts

An experimental treatment for the new coronavirus is being tested in the US

The National Institutes of Health is testing the antiviral drug remdesivir, which is also being studied in patients in China. Running trials during epidemics is tricky, but scientists learned a lot about how to conduct them during recent Ebola outbreaks.

Alternative Theories Abound Amid Growing Virus Numbers

Trump backers see a coronavirus conspiracy

The likes of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and Jim Hoft, publisher of the Gateway Pundit, a conspiratorial, pro-Trump site, have seized on the sibling connection, along with a large number of anonymous Twitter accounts.

Fight Against Propaganda

'Confusion breeds distrust:' China keeps changing how it counts coronavirus cases

New cases of a deadly coronavirus running through China surged at the start of February, then they leveled off, then they jumped by more than 19,000 over 24 hours. But those swings might not have as much to do with the reality on the ground as they do how Chinese authorities define a "confirmed case."

White House Reassurance

Trump says coronavirus risk to Americans 'very low,' puts Pence in charge of gov't response

President Donald Trump on Wednesday attempted to ease growing fears over the spreading coronavirus, saying at the White House that his administration has the situation under control and is "ready to adapt" if the virus spreads. "Because of all we've done, the risk to the American people remains very low," Trump said.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Wash your hands. After that, maybe say a little prayer and wait a beat before you start panicking.

Anonymous said...

Stay home, tune in to your telescreen and obey the authorities instructions.

Anonymous said...

Just be careful till we see what this thing is or isn't going to do. I honestly don't think anyone really has a clue for sure. Many make a joke about it like they did the AIDS issues in late 80's. This shit will kill you deader than hell just like AIDS could.

Anonymous said...

Fear is such a wonderful method of controlling people.

Anonymous said...

The boomers will survive cause they have all the money. As for the rest of you well good luck.

Anonymous said...

7:14: Trump knows. He said all was well and "mission accomplished." Just like George W.

Isn't this pretty close to the 100th anniversary of the last flu pandemic?

Super Dave said...

No 7:21 fear makes you stop and think before running off and doing stupid things.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing, Switzerland and several NATO Military forces (Dutch, French, Danish, Swedish) have done extensive testing of Respirator/Gas Mask usage by troops with facial hair. and have found absolutely no effect on the efficiency of these masks from any mustaches or up to medium-length (2-3 inch) beards.

Sounds like somebody at the CDC has been infected with the US Military's aversion to facial hair.

Anonymous said...

Trump said he didn't know a lot of people die from the flu annually. He hopes and thinks spreading of coronavirus is not inevitable here. Firing health staff last year wasn't a big deal since he can just move people around now to replace them. He said things are getting better in China now and their leader has done a great job. He made fun of Nancy and Chuck for proposing more money than the White House requested. And he thinks the stock market dropped just as much because of the Democratic debate, not the virus.

In other words, a complete idiot is leading the government response.

Anonymous said...

Oh praise the Lord highly competent Pence is on charge! If Corona virus turns out to be gay we'll be safe.

Anonymous said...

They see a conspiracy because one of their demigod's, Rush Limbaugh, has been pushing it to the cult. These are people for whom facts, evidence, science, and logic means nothing. There is no difference between Republicans and Scientologists, only which con man they believe in and follow fervently. Don't you worry though, Mike Pence is in charge. He's going to pray the virus away,you know Mike, he's thenguy who believes smoking doesn't cause cancer and condoms don't help prevent STD's. Perfect guy for the rubes.

Anonymous said...

Chip Diller (K. Bacon), Animal House, 1978

Yogi Berra

Anonymous said...

No actually it's Reverend Pence in charge of thoughts and prayers. We're safe from the virus lifestyle.

Anonymous said...


When exotic dancer Denise volunteered to help doctors at the hospital, she had more poles to grind than hours in the day!!!

Anonymous said...

After the President's last physical, Nurse Spillinout notes...
"Dear Diary, Stormy was accurate!"

MDLQ said...

......Flush Bimbaugh says it's no worse than a "common cold".......
....."evar thang gonna be OK"........
The preppers and EOT's are really eating this up ..............

Anonymous said...

BOO! Run like hell, we're all gonna die! Cocksuckers without shame.

Anonymous said...

The unstoppable force of Trump's base spewing conspiracies about the Chinese, weaponized bio-agents, and dirty sick immigrants & the need for border closings now meets the unmovable object of the stable genius Trump himself leading a perfect response that has everything under control, everyone is getting better, and asserting there is no real threat & nothing to worry about.

This should be good.

BTW, how's everyone 401Ks??? Hint, down for the year and still dropping.

Anonymous said...

Sure, lets put the guy that believes in literal biblical plagues and the looming End Times in charge of the coordinated response to combat a deadly global virus.

While a belief in science, funding for health preparedness and actual experts are in short supply at this White House - irony certainly is not.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to 2020, trumptards already out with their conspiracies related to the latest global issue.

We live in an idiocracy.


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