Monday, February 17, 2020

Kansas City College Discourse Stays Losing

Quick note regarding the city college attempting to move their training to more practical matters and giving up on the humanities and holistic education just in time for election season.

“Each semester, the views and ideas of the students have radically impacted my own thinking and broadened my own horizon,” said ONE INSTRUCTOR.

Still, the general consensus among faculty and staff is relatively unclear, as many instructors said they hold opinions on the subject that might threaten their job security.

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Anchor and Discourse to be phased out, replaced by UMKC Essentials

Loved by some and reviled by others, UMKc's general education program will soon be phased out. Anchor and Discourse, otherwise known as the UMKC General Education Core, is being revamped as UMKC Essentials, or GE2.0. The new program is designed to meet requirements outlined in Missouri House Bill 2651, the Higher Education Core Curriculum Transfer Act.


Anonymous said...

AS long as they continue the butt sex and drugs, surrounded by criminals acts and social activism. WEEZ fine.

Anonymous said...

Ghetto U. suddenly gets standards?

Anonymous said...

Besides, Bloomberg said anyone can be a farmer. You just drop a seed. LOL !!! Just Like the Roos.

Anonymous said...

Public Universities are more corrupt with taxpayer funds than City governments. What is worse is that they try to indoctrinate students to hate the United States, family values, and capitalism.

Anonymous said...

And yet you have no experience beyond a GED and you're commenting on a subject you have no knowledge of. Weird.