Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Victory Parade Crowd Shriveled In The Cold

It happens to other guys, too.

Here's just a bit of tech promo revealing that the "lackluster" parade was impressive to start but then quickly shrunk amid constant boozing and cold very much like a 7th-year-college senior amid an all-nighter . . . Not that TKC would know anything about that . . . Here's the word from much smarter people:

How many fans packed parade route for Chiefs? Crowd counting a touchdown for KC's EB Systems

While a sea of red greeted Chiefs players Feb. 5 outside Union Station, many fans skipped the official victory rally honoring the world champion football team - opting instead to fight for their right to party nearby, according to crowd data from an emerging Kansas City startup.


  1. So what was the size of the crowd? Question is never answered.

  2. Brendan Waters and Jon Ruiz, EB Systems.

    I'd toss it in the trash after about one minute of examining their crap and say come back when you got your shit together.

  3. Folks might have stayed longer if they could tell who the players were. Poor parade staging.

  4. ^^ and yet it was just like the Royals parade. weird.

    1. Oh Chimpy. Tell us all about the Chiefs parade like you did when you pretended you were there and we all laughed at you! Lol

  5. The Chiefs parade may not have had as many people, but it was a better parade overall. Players were more energetic and walking along the streets and interacting with with fans. The Royals parade was good in its own way and meant a lot to a city that hadn't had a championship in 30 years, but if you had to choose the chiefs was clearly the more fun time


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