Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Hype Powers Developer Hype For Downtown Stadium

Possibly the biggest bet we've seen on the Super Bowl . . . Half a billion bucks worth of taxpayers cash is on the line and focused on Chiefs victory. Here's sketchy pay for play content started the sales pitch:

Luncheon speaker: 'Timing is right' for Downtown baseball

Kansas City was "lucky" 15 years ago not to build a downtown ballpark, when the Royals lease was last up, but that's all changed now, according to Paul Goldberger, author of the new book "BALLPARK: Baseball in the American City."


  1. It worked so well in St. Louis that we now need to waste money on this in Kansas City. No thanks! It will never be approved by voters, that is the people who live here - not he outsiders looking to profit off of the marketing and construction of the project.

  2. This is beyond stupid. It may even be as stupid as the streetcar. So groundbreaking will no doubt take place in the next few months.

  3. As the Streetcar and new Airport have proven, voters mean nothing to this city. The City Council and Mayor will do whatever they want, no matter what the voters say.

  4. ^^^^True, and the minions just stand around doing nothing but voting the same sort of idiots into office again.

  5. Kansas Citians love close parking. Even more than they love low taxes. They will not vote for a downtown ballpark, especially for baseball,with so many daytime games on weekdays. Bbecause it would mean total gridlock downtown.

    KSHB is reporting the gates just opened around 1;15pm in Miami, and fans are jumping out of cars on the freeway, to get to the stadium hours early. Folks in Lenexa's Four Colonies are bitching on Nextdoor about too many partiers at their complex and having to walk ONE BLOCK!

    KCMO voters are suckers for tax increases like the GO Bonds, but the tide has turned. They will defeat the fake fire tax, which is a bait and switch to finance free busses.

    Any proposed downtown ballpark tax, especially a Bi-State, will be a strikeout. But if they DO put on another Bi-State tax, Phillip Klein the tax crusader and I will work for free to defeat it. Just like we defeated BiState II as well as Big Soccer.

  6. If Sherman pays for it and not the taxpayers. Billionaires need to pay for their own toys.. The days of taxpayer owned stadiums are over.

  7. Downtown Saint Louis has a far better interstate highway system. Kansas City Highways are so poorly designed, they will never be able to handle downtown ballpark traffic, unless billions of dollars are wasted on trying to improve the transportation mess.


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