Kansas City Chiefs QB Ready To Cash In

Important money update sent by more astute denizens of the local discourse . . . Read more:

Super Bowl champ Patrick Mahomes is on top of the world, now he's poised to cash in

In one year, Patrick Mahomes has transitioned from the Most Valuable Player of the National Football League to Super Bowl LIV champion and Super Bowl MVP. Now come the benefits of Mahomes' rise to stardom, following the quarterback's fourth quarter heroics in leading the Kansas City Chiefs to their first championship in 50 years.


  1. Worth ever Indian head nickel Clark has.

  2. He is definatley worth a 200 Million dollar contract ( but in this small market its a gamble, the Hunt family will have to cough up the cash Mahomes deserves or a larger market organization will, the rest of you fuckers arent worth the gas money it takes to get to your shithole job, so there is that! And what I mean by that is ticket prices and parking passes will go up to foot that bill, because the "HUNTS" wont take the cost of a LIV win out of their own pocket....just wait and see, I guess if The hunts sold Worlds of "not so fun" back to Cedar Fair, who actually owns that disaster, the Hunt family stil cant afford Mahomes, let alone the rest of the team.

    1. I'll pay any rip off just to smell the sweat and blood.

  3. ^^Easy Boomer. Go watch Matlock.


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