Kansas City Chiefs Dynasty Doubtful

An important overview of the NFL and why fans should savor this off-season and maybe buy some locally made gear . . . Because it might not happen again anytime soon. Read more:

History is against the Kansas City Chiefs building a dynasty

The Kansas City Chiefs are the Super Bowl champions of the world. I still smile from ear to ear every time I say or type that. This last week has been a wonderful blur of happiness. Seeing the Chiefs being celebrated all over the national media has been amazing.


  1. But not a downtown Arrowhead

  2. Mahomes will get a huge taste of the party life and he will never ever have his head in the game again. He's won the big prize and can now fuck off the rest of his life and he will.


  3. They won one super bowl in years. Not everyone cares about this and not everyone supports the chiefs, after all look at the way they treated their fans during the parade. Yet their fans still treat them like they are gods. Bitterness... YES I think these people and their supporters are the lowest form of scum there is, and that goes really without saying. Take a look at people wearing chiefs clothing and then take a look at the people who don't. Big difference BIG!

  4. Yeah sure everyone of the 800k plus fans is a lowlife. That's why they can afford $100 shirts thousands$$$ in tickets etc. Your very broad generalization shows what a tool you are.

  5. ^^^^^^^They charge it or the kids do without. the very rich at Chiefs games are the minority. They might not all be low lifes, just folks lacking a lot of common sense.

  6. ^^Provide proof they do moron. You can't because you don't know! Look, I get it...you're bitter at people who have it better than you(that's everyone) all your broken, busted, bitter, posts are proof of that. You failed in life...it's YOUR FAULT. Remember, those 800,000 people don't take to a blog for dying geriatrics crying about others. Only losers do. That's you simp.

    1. Chimpy! Hey are you back already from the Chiefs parade?

      You know, the one your autistic, shut-in ass couldn't attend but you claimed you did anyway? Then you bitched out as we all laughed at you.

      Keep it up funny monkey! Lol

  7. ^^OK Boomer.

  8. ^^ Ok, sperger.

  9. ^^OK Boomer.


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