Kansas City Chiefs Confront Cash Crisis

Really great roundup and discussion of money problems from this smaller market team desperate to repeat their Super Bowl glory. Checkit:

What the Chiefs could do to find some salary-cap relief

We now know the Let's see which players could be cap casualties. Kansas City Chiefs will Verdict: Cut or trade for draft capital place the franchise tag on star defensive tackle Chris Jones .


  1. Gives all the Monies to Mahome. No Monies left.

  2. Pondering if they still get little stripper whores from Western Kansas as a benefit. Aka the coke connection from just short of Hays , Kansas. If you take the bend in the road, like is GREAT.

    1. WTF. someone in the know certainly would not post something like this as the feds would be at your door. Fyi they have the tools to unmask anonymous


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