Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Kansas City Chefs Stays Winning

Good life news that's important inasmuch as serving the elite requires a unique selling proposition and whilst plebs subsist on junk food . . . Kitchen staff ranking could often lead to more cash.

And all of this is why Democratic Socialism is gaining momentum in 2020.

James Beard Awards finalists include four local chefs (!!!!!!!!!!)

Michael and Christina Corvino. // Photo by Zach Bauman Look, we all know that national awards are meaningless and coastally biased and the only validation that matters is that which comes from within. Unless, of course, we're nominated for those awards, in which case: WE EARNED THIS! KC PRIDE, BABY!


Anonymous said...

Must not take much to win this award anymore.

Anonymous said...

All these winners qualify for an episode of Kitchen Nightmares.


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