Kansas City Business Journal Contemplates The Death & Salvation Of The Star

For this IMPORTANT SUNDAY NOTE the local biz paper relaxes their paywall in order to fact check and offer insight whilst newsies around the metro speculate and share conspiracy theories about the very simple law of supply & demand.


Editor's Briefing: Kill The Star? The future isn't bright

Money line:

In the newspaper business, the mention of Alden Global Capital elicits looks of fear and disgust from journalists. It has made a name — OK, a profit — from buying up newspaper chains, decimating newsrooms and slashing local coverage.

Who knows what Chatham might do as principal owner of McClatchy. The hedge fund has issued statements pledging support for preserving independent journalism and newsroom jobs.


Translation: More layoffs are coming and WHOEVER the new boss is . . . The end game for this biz that has been losing money consistently for about 20 years isn't going to be pretty.

Developing . . .


  1. These folks can't "decimate newsrooms and slash local coverage" since that's already been fully accomplished by the McClatchey owners and the incompetents who have "run" the Star for decades.
    Mopping up the blood on the floor is more like it.
    And all the make-believe "woke" journalists can head for Harvard so that they can continue to pontificate with the likes of Hoops.
    Driving off most of your potential and past subscribers has proven, unsurprisingly, to be a very poor strategy for a newspaper.
    Don't let the door hit you in the editorial page!

  2. Shut it down, it stopped serving the public trust 10 years ago.

  3. Byron Funkhouser2/16/20, 11:26 AM

    Isn't it amazing how professing a lack of empathy has become a virtue in Republican Circles? Adding insult to injury, they want you to feel sorry for them...because they're middle class...instead of poor.

  4. This is the slowest, most dramatic death I have ever seen... somebody pull the plug already.

  5. 11:35 were talking about the star here, not that idiot bLIEron! Hahahahaha!

  6. Cut the retirees' pensions while you're at it.

  7. Other than their name (which can't be worth much at this point) I'm not sure what assets the Star has left. That's doesn't bode well for them, even in the short term

    Chatham will shut them down when there are no assets that can be disposed of, no substantial revenue or positive cash flow. The Star must have something left (the printing plant? a data base) or they would already be shuttered.

    If it lasts another 6 months it will be a huge surprise. That's about how much time it will take to wring the last drops from the damp sponge.

    It can't happen too soon. The Star serves no purpose at this point other than to provide half-baked editorials and punditry that few people either read or respect.

  8. Wait a minute! How in the heck is Steve Kraske going to warn us about the evil menace of Confederate statues?

  9. ^^^ He’ll Use that Russian radio station to spread his degenerate message

  10. If they close down the Star who will investigate the Republicans?

  11. It's really funny how the star still cannot see that their ideas and editorials are fucking retarded to the point that no one can take them seriously anymore. The star would be doing much better had they not gone all in on the the get woke go broke mantra.

    They not only deserve their bankruptcy but they also deserve to be shamed for it then entire way down


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