Kansas City Brookside Gunfire Widow Speaks Out And Targets NRA Political Mailer

Election season 2020 gets serious and now one of many victims of deadly gunfire in Kansas City seems ready to start speaking out against the gun lobby.

Here's a statement highlighted from the widow of a horrific, high-profile shooting during a year when way more than a hundred people were also murdered by way of the gun.

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Kansas City widow takes aim at the NRA for sending her mail to her deceased husband

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Attorney Thomas Pickert was gunned down on October 25, 2017, which is probably why his grieving widow was stunned to find mail from the NRA addressed to her deceased husband. Prosecutors said Pickert was shot and killed by 80-year-old David Jungerman after the lawyer had won a multi-million-dollar verdict against the Raytown man.


  1. It's really sad that the NRA is now the focus of this instead of the person who killer her husband. If the murderer is the guy her husband sued, she should be taking her full anger towards that man - he should be sentenced, vilified, and ostracized for the crime he committed. She deserves to go after any assets he has for wrongful death and our community should support her grieving family. The family of the killer should feel ashamed and offer their full support.

    Any excuse that this guy was justified in killing the attorney is absolute BS.

  2. Lady I'm sorry for your loss but blaming the NRA for it is just well ridiculous. A crazy nut job killed your husband and the facts proving such is overwhelming.

  3. You ponder her ability to reason. Had a food truck ran over her hubby, would she stop eating? People and their false blames of 2020 Society.

  4. Maybe they're hoping Jungerman will die of old age before they have to try him. That would not speak well for the quality of their evidence. Instead of waiting, they could just spread the rumor that he's got the goods on Hillary.

  5. The mailings are simply suggestions for leaving the NRA a gift while doing your estate planning.

  6. I was quite moved and upset by the story. I felt this woman's pain.
    I went online and donated $100 to the NRA ILA fund in the name of Mr. Thomas Pickert.

  7. Fuck that bitch. The only reason she's sad is her ambulance chasing gravy train got served a hot steaming pile of Karma.

  8. If her husband had been concealed carry he might have had a shot at the pervert killer. You know that when he saw him coming up the sidewalk he thought "oh fuck"! At least now his wife and kids are going to get most of what the killer spent a lifetime building...while the killers kids get the shaft. Sweet justice, that!

  9. To my knowledge, Jungerman never started a fight.

    From what I've read, he's guilty of working hard, building a successful business, and defending his property against those who trespassed and broke into his business.

    The attorney who got shot and killed (never should have happened) unfortunately discovered that when you push a man to his limits, sometimes they flip out, and shit happens.

    It's a pity that anyone was injured or killed in this sad story. But the ball got rolling only when criminals made the decision to break through the perimeter fencing and illegally enter Jungerman's business. The attorney brought suit on behalf of the criminal, claiming that Jungerman used excessive force when defending his property and wounding the criminal. That's bullshit.

  10. Who says the NRA doesn't have a sense of humor.

  11. Get over it, everyone hates lawyers.


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