Friday, February 14, 2020


The latest hipster, vegan, NEXTGEN, trend that's probably healthier than booze even if it tastes like dirty socks . . . As any connoisseur of dirty socks will attest. Read more:

Booch! (There it is): Tea-Biotics pours onto 39th Street with its first Missouri kombucha taproom

The "booch" biz is booming and Tea-Biotics Kombucha is bottling growth with its first taproom in Missouri. "We're really pleased to be growing and also seeing new people, locals, coming in all the time," said Lauren Klein, who oversees day-to-day operations at the kombucha startup's latest taproom - the first to be brewed outside of its Jonhson County headquarters.


Anonymous said...

No thanks I'll stick to licking the sweat off Mahomes balls like the rest of his fans.

Anonymous said...

Stalder will beat you to it. Licking balls is his #2 favorite pastime right behind fornicating with animals.

Anonymous said...

“I’ve always been interested in all things health and wellness, so I’m happy to share what I know.”

From the article. Can't get my finger down my throat fast enough to gag on more "wokeness".