Sunday, February 16, 2020


From telcoms to tech, throughout the metro, this town confronts a worsening economy, impending job cuts and very little middle-class gains despite partisan economic hype . . . Read more:

2020 Has Already Been Rough For Homegrown Companies That 'Set The Character Of Kansas City'

The Kansas City Star's front page on December 7, 1997, made a big splash about the $500 million construction just starting in the southern metro area. "Sprint makes history with its headquarters," the headline read, adding that it was "so big it will have its own ZIP code and power substation."


  1. Killa shitty has turned into a murderous black infested shit hole.... with a public school system to match. Nobody and I mean nobody worth a damn wants to come here. Sorry if you can’t handle the truth.

  2. I am new to Kansas City. The job moved me here (or at least the lack of a job moved me here). The new job pays the bills without issue and the housing isn't expensive but the housing isn't nice and the neighborhood isn't nice. Not a lot of nice housing and not a lot of nice neighborhoods. If opportunity knocks I would move elsewhere in a heartbeat. The locals are really the most significant liability on Kansas city. This blog is a good example of the negative culture that permeates the entire metro area. The claim to fame is a quarterback and a black mayor; but both are hated now as one has a gay brother and one is gay. Kansas City is in for a long painful decline.

    1. Fuck off Trumpy back to whatever shithole you crawled out of.

  3. The entire metro area has always been about subsidizing large companies and championing companies that spend all their time promoting themselves. Meanwhile small growing companies are ignored by the economic development parasites and even worse constantly harassed by taxing authorities.

  4. And Garmin continues quietly to rake in the bucks, expand locally, and stay under the Media's radar. Best IPO I ever took a chance on!



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