Kansas City Artsy Backstory On New KCI

We can pretend that this news link is accurate for a few moments . . . But it's mostly a tacit acknowledgement of paydays directed at the creative class with political connections. Checkit:

Artists Get Decision-Making Roles For Public Art At Kansas City's New Airport Terminal

More artists will now have a say in what public art will look like at Kansas City International Airport's new $1.5 billion terminal. With a construction budget that devotes $5.6 million for public art as part of the city's 1% for art program, where that art will be located and who gets to decide have been pressing issues.


  1. Corporate Approved "artists".. meaning real artists won't stand a chance of getting their foot in the door.

  2. "Kaitlynn Bunch, executive assistant to director and CEO, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art"

    Yup bicycle art pre-approved.

  3. If Picasso was alive today he'd be rejected because he's not from here and not a rubber stamped or inbred member of one of the numerous local cliques and tribes.

  4. Yup, that's what I want to do when I go the airport - look at "art" - LOL.

  5. 1% for Art is nothing but an employment fund for starving artists who would otherwise be painting Elvis on velvet.


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