Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Kansas City Afternoon News Turnaround

Professional hotties Maitland Ward And Riley Reid have earned quite a reputation among the celeb circuit for their bodies of work and now they inspire our latest update of pop culture, community news and info from across the nation and around the world.


MoDOT Recommends New Buck O'Neil Bridge With Direct Access to I-35

A new Buck O'Neil Bridge that would provide a direct connection between U.S. 169 and Interstate 35 - and include a 10-foot-wide path for bicycles and pedestrians - is the preferred plan of the Missouri Department of Transportation. A public hearing has been scheduled for March 10 from 4 to 6 p.m.

Local Lady Teachable Moment

PHOTOS: Kansas City hosts nation's largest Mentoring Monday event - Kansas City Business Journal

More than 80 top businesswomen came together to offer their help and support to more than 300 other women as part of the Kansas City area's seventh-annual Mentoring Monday. The event, held at Fiorella's Event Space in Overland Park, brings together experienced businesswomen, who serve as mentors, with other women seeking career advice.

Walking Local History

Site launches for new interactive African American Heritage Trail of Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A new virtual trail is documenting more than 100 years of black history in the metro. The African America Heritage Trail of Kansas City aims to connect sites and tell untold stories. "We have been working over a year with a community to put together our virtual trail," said Jeffrey Williams, director of KCMO City Planning & Development.

Local Quarantine Plan???

If the coronavirus hits America, who's responsible for protecting you?

The outbreak of the coronavirus - and Covid-19, the disease it causes - in mainland China has provoked a response the likes of which the world has never seen. Hundreds of millions of people in the country have had their travel restricted; many have not even been allowed to leave their homes.

Prez Trump Stays Winning Latest La Migra Battle

Court hands Trump win in sanctuary city fight, says administration can deny grant money

A federal appeals court on Wednesday handed a major win to the Trump administration in its fight against "sanctuary" jurisdictions -- ruling that it can deny grant money to states that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Money Can't Buy Love

Mike Bloomberg's momentum stalls in presidential polls ahead of Super Tuesday vote

2020 presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg has stalled in national polls ahead of Super Tuesday. The slowed momentum comes following a dismal performance on the Nevada debate stage on Feb. 19, the first time he faced his rivals and their attacks.

Social Sexy

Porn Has Porned TikTok

It is porn's destiny to porn. Porn porned YouTube; porn porned ; finally, after a surprisingly long delay when you think about it, porn has porned TikTok. Say hello to YouPorn's new TikTok-fashioned app SWYP. SWYP is billed as easier on the eyes (fewer ads) and the arms (less clicking) than YouPorn's previous app attempt, which is essentially a pared-down version of its home page.

Hollwyood Hotness Revealed

MAITLAND WARD and RILEY REID at a Photoshoot on Hollywood Boulevard 02/24/2020

MAITLAND WARD and RILEY REID at a Photoshoot on Hollywood Boulevard 02/24/2020

More Fishy News

Lent 2020 fish fry list: All the fish fries to try in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Below is a list of Kansas City-area organizations that will be holding Lenten fish frys this year. To get a fish fry added to the list, email the information to Avondale United Methodist Church, 3101 NE Winn Road, Kansas City, Missouri (4-7:30 p.m.

Old Money Gentrification Fight

Couple bought historic Kansas City mansion for $1.5M. Now they want to demolish it

Brian and Katherine Schell were anticipating a great life in the historic brick mansion they bought last year across from Kansas City's Loose Park. Now, only months after their September purchase, they are asking the city's permission to demolish the 6,000-square-foot Georgian Revival home from 1918, that has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1984.

Kansas City Pandemic Past

What The 1918 Flu Pandemic Taught Kansas City About Dealing With Outbreaks Like The Coronavirus

As the widening coronavirus outbreak stokes fears of a worldwide pandemic, it's worth remembering that the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic may have started in Kansas. And it hit Kansas City particularly hard. Lessons from that time still resonate today.

Coach Keeps Moving Forward

It didn't take long for Andy Reid to move on from Super Bowl win

At some point, the day had to come. With his Super Bowl LIV hat, jacket and shoes off to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid publicly turned the page on his team's championship win Tuesday in Indianapolis.

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Anonymous said...

Two scoops of "news" for us?

Anonymous said...

"If the coronavirus hits America, who's responsible for protecting you?"

Nothing to worry about, folks. The president assures us "Mission Accomplished."

Anonymous said...

We don't need another huge monument to oil addiction. Just block cars from one side of the bridge and let normal people onto the other side.

Anonymous said...

Oh hell yes, lets just tear down anything old and replace it with shit looking homes. Who cares if it has historical value or history, tear that bitch down and replace it with some high rent apartments.

Anonymous said...

The 1918 flu article from KCUR has an odd mistake.

It says "In Kansas City, the disease infected more than 11,000 people and killed more than 2,300, or nearly 10 percent of the population."

In KC, the population in 1918 was around 290,000. So the 2300 killed are 0.79 percent of the population, not 10 percent.

Anonymous said...

^^And you really on KCUR for facts?

Anonymous said...

The people who want to tear down the old mansion by Loose Park are grotesque new money arriviste. Proof money can't buy grace or class. To the barnyard born.

Anonymous said...

Blubber Butt Bimbos in Hollywood.

Midtown KC Chester said...

^^^ ur mom gay and it's not our fault you love muscular man ass.

Anonymous said...

Send those Bimbo's back to plastic surgery

Unknown said...

Something in that tear down story sounds fishy. Every house built before 1980 has lead paint. Unless it's flaking, who cares? Same with asbestos. Why would you bust open plaster walls to remove asbestos behind? These guys are inflating the rehab costs on purpose.

Anonymous said...


They wanted to tear down all along.

Anonymous said...

Those are some rough skanks. I feel like I need to get tested after just looking at those pictures.


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