Kansas City 'Adulting' Life Lessons Offered

Biz skills that actually make sense to share for this gruff crowd of very smart people who might or might not possess the social skills to make it in the modern day comedy of manners that is the current biz world . . . Checkit:

Chit chat on the elevator? RiskGenius targets missing 'adulting' soft skills with event series

College curriculum often falls short of the crucial soft skills to get young entrepreneurs from coffee chats to the head of the table, said Kaylee Chappelow. "I don't want to say college sucks ... but I think we all agree that it doesn't touch on the soft skills," laughed Chappelow, customer success manager at insurtech startup RiskGenius.


  1. Important skills—like asking a hot chick to give you a blowjob or if she puts out on the first date.

    1. Like kicking an abusive creep date in the tiny balls before pepper spraying.

  2. ^^^^ Fair enough.

    Like the tiny balls comment. That cracks me up and makes me happy that women still appreciate a hefty sac.

    Found my hope today on TKC!


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