Kansas City 2020 Teachable Moment: Firearms Dealer Shut Down After Murder

Municipal "progress" in the current fight over the 2nd Amendment confronting every voter this year . . . Read more:

After son's death, KC dad hopes shutting down gun dealer will send a message about accountability

KANSAS CITY, Mo - A gun store owner has taken responsibility for his part in the 2016 death of a Kansas City man. A civil lawsuit filed in Jackson County Court claims Green Tip Arms owner Christopher Bendet, gun manufacturer Jiminez Arms and Kansas City firefighter James Samuels are responsible for the death of 29-year-old Dwight Crawford, even though they didn't pull the trigger.


  1. What circumstances surrounded the shooting death of 29 yr old Crawford?

    While it sounds like this gun dealer was iffy, no details are in the article regarding what happened.

    Ferguson MO.?? More info needed.

  2. Probably not a good look for the chickenshit KCFD. A captain selling guns to hood rats.

  3. Only the actual person that pulled the trigger is responsible. 2020 America puts all the responsibility in someone else's court every time. Own it bitch.

    1. Hahaha demanding responsibility as you deflect responsibility from everyone else involved, none of who have the slightest connection to a well regulated militia.

  4. This really doesn't make the KCFD look good.

  5. One gun store can be replaced by another. Doesn't really matter. If you have enough money, you can about anything you can think of, off the streets in Kansas City. If it isn't here, delivery can be arranged.

  6. 8:53, the media will not supply details that do not conform to their preferred narrative. In this case their narrative is guns bad need "common sense" gun laws. Which is a pretty good indication that Crawford was killed in the course of a drug deal gone bad. Drug dealing is a very dangerous occupation, a fact which must have been obvious to Crawford all along.

    Reading the mainstream media news nowadays is probably a lot like reading Pravda or Izvestia in the old USSR. What they leave out of a story is usually more important than what they put in.

  7. Accountability falls only into the hands of the one holding the gun.

  8. Sounds to me like the gun dealer was too broke for good lawyers.

    And the firefighter? You'd like to think that he didn't need to moonlight THAT way. Not a good look for KCFD. So was he encouraged to just "cop" to a crime (pun intended) that is not yet a crime.

    One more reason for voters to support the Second Amendment. Because when the media convinces people that it is the gun that is guilty rather than the shooter, well, government will be confiscating all guns. Not just certain ones. Now I understand why the NRA won't negotiate on that.

  9. Fuck the Crawfords and their dead kid, if I were the owner of Green Tip I'd just relocate over to Kansas and reopen.


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