Kansas City 2020 Budget Cuts Explained

Apparently, this town has TENS OF MILLIONS TO GIVE AWAY TO DEVELOPERS but finding cash for fixing streets and more police is a problem. Read more:

What You Need To Know About Kansas City's Proposed Cuts To Arts, Economic Development, Health

Taxpayers in Kansas City, Missouri, have a chance between now and March 3 to influence how the city spends their money. Mayor Quinton Lucas released his proposed budget last week. The budget prioritizes fighting violent crime, increasing the city's stock of affordable housing and fixing potholes, but it falls roughly $3 million short of another of the mayor's priorities: eliminating bus fares.


  1. Fixing streets is effectively giving money to developers. They pushed corrupt city Govt. to build way to many streets and then shafted taxpayers with the maintenance bill.

    We need to charge the shonkey big shots who got filthy rich off the scheme.

  2. Cut everything except that which is absolutely necessary to make this city livable, we don’t need free buses, nor bike lanes, Artsy farts crap nor a new stadium !!! fix the potholes and the infrastructure

    1. We will have far fewer potholes when we have more busses and more bikes. You are just pushing your own prejudices.


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