In Defense Of No Standards For City College

UMKC is Kansas City's beloved 3rd choice commuter college alternative and their latest move to make admission easier offers a glimpse at university life fading as an option for locals amid rising income disparity. Here's the pitch to keep people taking out massive loans for a degree that might or might not help their career ambitions.

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At UMKC, students are more than test scores. New admissions policy is about inclusion

C. Mauli Agrawal, chancellor of the University of Missouri-Kansas City UMKC The University of Missouri-Kansas City has taken an important step to provide more opportunities for qualified people to pursue a college degree. We now have a test-optional admissions process.


  1. Just what we need. Dumb down standards and lie to 'students' that they are going to be able to get a great job in the private sector with a degree in Hip Hop, or Gender Studies.

    Then, the fuckin moron, who was a fuckin moron when he started 'college' is still a fuckin moron when he graduates and owes the tax payers who guarantee the loan a couple hundred large he/she can't pay, because - SHOCKER!!! - they are still too stupid to pour piss out of a boot is pissed of at whitey and votes for Bernie.

    The "College Racket" where places like Yale have 80 billion dollars in the bank and still get subsidies from tax payers should be destroyed, buried and burned to the fuckin ground.

  2. What they mean is that because so many White people cheat on those exams - as seen in the national news lately - the exams are now meaningless and they need to find alternative ways to bring people to higher education, mostly to receive the tuition that opening this admissions process will bring. This is a question of how do we generate revenue, not at all about inclusion.

  3. Chuck-I hate to spoil a good rant with facts, but UMKC does not offer degrees in Hip Hop of Gender Studies. For a look at what the school does offer, here's a link. Go to:

    And click on the "Course Career" arrow. I promise many of the courses are challenging--even for a genius like yourself.

  4. 9:38 those were Hollywood elite liberals who got caught, not the average person besides, the koloreds don’t have to do anything but show up once in awhile and they don’t have to pay anything for college. When koloreds don’t have to pay it costs everybody else more money because as you yourself have said, it’s all about the benjamins and you ain’t gettin any from the blacks and that’s a fact so.....

  5. 9:51 says the retard that got a college diploma because, we’ll, he’s a black, retard, transgender or gender neutral.

    It’s free loaders like you that make college so expensive and you should be grateful that you got a college degree given to you after going to kcps, that must’ve have been really really hard to suffer through those classes because they are designed to produce the bestus and mostus qualified students evar. umkc has become what kcps has been for almost fifty years, worthless, and it all started with one race of student that you can’t fail no matter what...... because that would be racist to make them learn the basics like reading, writing and arithmetic.

  6. 9:51 If Blacks don’t pay for college - and you cite no fact regarding that - then why is the college tuition debt a crisis in this country? Just google “college tuition, black women” to find the myriad of articles over the last 5 years that discusses Black excellence and college debt. You can discriminate with your commentary just come with facts to back it up... Blacks continue to pay the Black tax.

  7. UMKC Undergraduate Course Offerings

    Black Studies (BLKS) (But no White Studies offered)
    Dance (DANCE) (I bet you can minor in Lesbian Dance Theory)
    Discourse (DISC)
    Latina / Latino Studies (LLS)
    Life Sciences - Microbiology (LS-MCRB) (Liberals brains)
    Reading (EDRD) (KCPS graduates)
    Urban Studies (URBAN ST) (but no suburban or rural studies)
    Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGS) (but no Men's or Heterosexual Studies)

  8. The college debt problem is so big because at least half the students that go to college have no business being there no matter what race, color, religion, etc. that they are.
    We need to promote VOCATIONAL programs in high school. The amount of people in society with a college degree is around 20-30% and this hasn't changed despite record number of students now starting a college degree. So kids are dropping out and getting lower paying jobs and can't pay off debt.

    We seem to have led kids to believe that without college you are a loser which simply isn't so! Many professions without requiring college degrees pay MORE than ones that do. For example a good independent plumber can easily pull down 100k per year. You can have a masters degree as a teacher and you won't make that even when you have done it 25+ years.

  9. Lori Laughlin is not a Liberal. She’s the same type of Conservative entitled you are 9:51. I went to an all White college and know first hand out the constant cheating. I currently work with a White man with a college degree. He can barely spell or write his own name. Just because you haven’t seen it, does not mean the cheating is not widespread.

  10. 9:51 responding here.

    10:05: Wrong on all counts.

    11:06: WTF?

    11:07: There are a lot of assumptions in your post. I don't think UMKC offers degrees in any of those offerings, but I could be wrong. Obviously you have a lot of time on your hands, so you might check it out and get back with us.

    11:15 #2: Did you learn to write at the all-white school? Did you graduate? Did you actually read my post?

  11. 1131 ever hear of hyperbole or sarcasm to make a point.

    Lowering standards is not a smart move, not everyone is meant for or will benefit from college.

    It is fact that blacks proportionately do not pay back their loans, which ultimately are paid for by tax paying whites.

  12. ^^^^And that would be relevant to my original post... how?

  13. 1257 I am embarrassed for you that you need it explained for you...hip hop and gender studies are hyperbolic and sarcastic metaphors for any useless SJW degree.

  14. The inflation on college tuition is what has been and continues to be out of sight. The administrators are the ones making all the money. The cost of college doesn't come close to several years of disposable income on a salary any longer in the slightest. That's why it's so hard to pay back a loan now even with a decent job. The loan rate on all student loans should be capped at 1%. That would be a good first step.

  15. Oh. I see, Chuck. You were being hyperbolic. Too bad you didn't make your point. I should have known not to take anything you say seriously.

    My bad.

  16. I'm not chuck, but I can discern a person's meaning without it spelled out on a third grader's level. So, yes you should apologize for being an idiot.

  17. So Chuck needs an interpreter? And how did you get the job?

    1. No he doesn't, unless you are a retard. In case you are a retard...that's the point.

  18. At Bates College, you can get 3 hrs. credit studying, wait for it..., Whoopi Goldberg.

    Appalachian State-a college class called, "Is Harry Potter Real?"

    Oberlin - How to win a beauty Pageant. Occidental - The study of Phalus
    Princeton "How To Get Dressed". Montclair - How to watch TV -

    There is an endless list of bullshit studies.

    I went to UMKC and when I was there, I took a class on Ebonics. No lie, may god strike me dead - we learned why black people say "We be...".

    I fuckin shit you not.

    So do NOT tell me, that the administrators at UMKC are not shoving pissing down peoples legs and telling them it is raining, because I know better.

  19. And yes, the Hip Hop reference and Gender studies reference was to make a point.

  20. Was Ebonics a required course?

  21. It wasn't called "Ebonics" - it has been 45 years, I can't remember what it was called, but that is what we studied.

    Like African American Colloquialisms maybe - yes, it was required for a degree in Education.

  22. Chuck. Many years ago there was a news story about a college having a class just on the “I love Lucy” tv show

  23. What’s a black tax? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve evar heard and that’s saying something with bLIEron constantly bombarding us with his stupidity.

  24. Be cool if everyone could go to college, rack up a huge debt and "permit" the public to pay when they default. Not everyone should go to college, not everyone should pay for people that can't figure they shouldn't. We have plenty of safety nets for those that want to learn through earning.

  25. What happened to the bragging guy ? The one which everyone read thru to " I got the job via affirmative action not talent."

  26. If you can't get adequate scores (on your own) in taking the ACT or SAT tests to get into college then you can go to UMKC where you can accumulate massive student debt and be completely unemployable in your arts career (after all Hallmark is cutting back). OR. You can take the tests and get into a reputable college and get a well paying career and be able to pay the student loan debt.

  27. At some point, life ceases to be subjective. Eliminating any objective standards insures that students will be enrolled at UMKC, get into debt and have to hope of graduating.

    If the undergrad programs don't require standardized tests, then maybe the professional schools (law, medicine) should do away with theirs as well. That seems to be the next logical progression.


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