Free Meat Solves Kansas City Crime?!?

Hottie Charlie Rina ran for office in Canada and only got about 400 votes but that shouldn't make us shy away from equally captivating political ideas like this one . . .

Fox4: Free meat giveaway seeks to feed hungry, reduce crime in the urban core


Activists at the Justice and Dignity Center believe making sure their neighbors have food to eat will help curb violent crime.

The Justice and Dignity Center has invited neighborhood leaders and organizers of grassroots groups to pick up 50 pounds of meat each to give away to folks on the blocks where they operate.

The justice center . . . Has spent about $10,000 on a trailer load of frozen meat to give away in urban core neighborhoods.

The idea is to bring people together to discuss common issues of crime, violence and escaping a cycle of poverty.

Will it work???

You decide . . .


  1. Really, a trailer load?? Even on a smaller 40ft trailer there is space for 20 pallets. So $10K worth of meat over 20 pallets is $500 per pallet...not much. Something smells..

  2. Tax write off is what it is, those people in the hood get plenty of free food via the gubmint, just go to the grocery store and see what they buy, steak, shrimp, crab you name it, this won’t change anything.... except the company’s taxes.

  3. ^^You taking inventory of them at the store gramps??? How about you mind your own fucking business.

    1. Oh Chimpy. Don't worry, your bananas are safe! Lol

  4. It's a load of free meat of course its a NGO money laundering operation. The Reagan Tax Act 1986 .

  5. It is a truck load of recalled meat.


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