Fox & Pearl Chef Stays Winning With EPIC Foodie Award Nomination

After a recent deadly shooting across the street from this place, in fairness we wanted to post some good news and a great interview . . . Checkit:

Chef Vaughn Good Reflects on His First James Beard Award Nomination - In Kansas City

When Fox & Pearl's Vaughn Good got word that he was nominated for a James Beard award this week for Best Chef Midwest-well, according to him, he was "freaking out." It's the first nomination for Good-who cut his teeth at the popular Hank Charcuterie in Lawrence.


  1. Kitchen Nightmares

  2. Expensive and sucked. Just a new flash in the pan. Will be gone in two years.

  3. Stick to Bob Evans over there 8:12. It's more your speed.

  4. Two years is a good run for a trendy restaurant. Losers go under in months.


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