Monday, February 10, 2020


Credit to Stand Up KC for their advocacy here's a glimpse at the start of progress at the Courthouse where local government wages have always trailed other municipalities . . . Here's the word:

Jackson County approves compensation study implementing pay increase to $15/hour

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. is excited to announce that today the County Legislature authorized the implementation of a compensation study, increasing the minimum salary for any county staff member to $15/hour by 2022.

In addition to increasing entry-level wages, the study also reviewed all county positions to determine if current salary ranges were competitive with the market. In the end, the report recommended changes to salary ranges that will provide an immediate pay raise averaging 16.9% or an average annual salary increase of $5,485 for more than 500 staff members, almost half of the county’s current full-time workforce. The study also provides changes to various salary ranges that will be implemented over the next two years to ensure the County does not fall behind the market again.

“After being elected to the County Legislature, I quickly learned that the County was simply not taking care of its Associates in the manner they deserved,” said Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. “As County Executive, I have seen each of our departments struggling to fill vacancies in essential roles simply because we refused to acknowledge that we were not compensating our staff appropriately for the work they were doing. I would like to thank the members of my staff who worked diligently on this report, Evergreen Solutions LLC for their expertise and assistance, and most importantly, members of the County Legislature for their support.”

“I am so excited to have the long anticipated Final Report on the Classification and Compensation Study for Jackson County by Evergreen Solutions, LLC,” said Jackson County Legislative Chairman Theresa Cass Galvin, who represents the 6th District. “This is something that has been extremely important to me since I took office five years ago. It was made even more special by working in collaboration with the County Executive’s team to achieve such a rewarding common goal. A special thanks goes out to Michelle Chrisman and Randy Reyes for their hard work in making this a reality for our Associates. I am confident that having a competitive compensation and classification system will encourage strong recruitment and retention in Jackson County.”

Jackson County Administrator Troy Schulte testified in support of Resolution 20374 on behalf of the County Executive’s Office at today’s legislative meeting, stating that the implementation of the study will be transformative for the County.

“All of the hard work started before I arrived at the County, but I am excited to have been part of the team effort that will have a positive impact for years to come,” Schulte said.

The County’s lowest entry-level hourly wage will be as follows for three years:

2020 – $12.50/hour
2021 – $13.75/hour
2022 – $15.00/hour

In March 2019, the County awarded a competitively-bid contract to Evergreen Solutions, LLC to perform a classification and compensation study relating to all County associates. The independent study analyzed pay, benefits, job descriptions, salary schedules and market data to reach its 10 recommendations.

A copy of the final report is attached.



Anonymous said...

Great, so they will still be poor, but not poor enough to qualify for any govt assistance. Maybe working for the corrupt Jackson County is not a great career move.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^ Good call.

Anonymous said...

Robots Win

Anonymous said...

Giving away other people's money is always a great career move for pandering politicos.
Such courage, vision, and leadership!
And White knows so much about money and managing it.
You really can't make this stuff up!

Anonymous said...

Stand up for KC Democrat scam group already has new signs:

"$20 and a Union"

Anonymous said...

And troy continues writing checks that nobody can cover, he’s out to ruin a county now

Anonymous said...

Man Troy is already screwing the folks over.

Anonymous said...

Would a literacy exam to qualify for a County job be too much to ask? I guess that would probably be considered racist.

Anonymous said...

so a teenager with zero skills is going to get $15/hr?
A minimum wage is not adjusted to cost of living where a person lives. A $15 min wage in Manhattan, NY and a $15/hr min wage in KC does not seem to make sense, both in terms of cost of living and the money an employer can afford to pay.
Why are we having this conversation & why are you spending tax monies to do an overpriced study by one of your friends?

Anonymous said...

$15 for incompetent bureaucrats and cronies of the corrupt local Democratic machine to screw up our property taxes.

Anonymous said...

wow just look at the huge salary raises for the assessor and chief administrator who botched up the property tax mess, no wonder our taxes have gone up