Monday, February 24, 2020

Eternal Clay County Outrage Continues Amid Public Official Paid Housing Hot Mess

Here's an important reason why LIVING IN THE KANSAS CITY NORTHLAND IS OVERRATED . . . Sure, the McMansions look nice for a couple of years but the politics are even more personal and the slapfighting is just as intense among suburbanites . . . And so, tonight we check on the sitch whilst a public vote is DENIED and digital sewing circles continue to bully their opposition. Accordingly, here's the middle-class GOP tearing itself down:


Commissioner: Clay County's rent-free lease deals signed in 2017

A former county administrator approved rent-free housing deals in 2017 for two of Clay County's highest-paid officials along with two other park rangers, according to Clay County Eastern Commissioner Luann Ridgeway.Ridgeway is the first Clay County official to give KMBC 9 News the exact year the leases for Clay County Facilities Administrator Brad Garrett and Clay County Public Services Director Nicole Brown were signed, after a KMBC 9News investigation about the issue last week.The investigation uncovered both top administrators' leases were signed on May 1, but without a year listed.Both Garrett and Brown are paid more than $100,000 per year.


Anonymous said...

I can tell you that living ANYWHERE in Kansas City, whether it's Clay or Platte, is no picnic. The problems that plague south of the river have moved right in and multiplied like bacteria. The rich whites are moving further north while trying to avoid the creeping crud. We have just as many Section 8 units up here as they do south. Welcome to the Ghetto (North).

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Ridgeway has the gall and the contempt for the Residents of Clay County to defend this misfeasance by Brookshier, one of her most complicit allies, and that she tries to defend the action by herself and Gene Owen in abandoning their responsibilities in this matter.

Not that it would be any surprise to her, but this is just one of the reasons that Clay Countians hold her in as much contempt as she does the Public.

Anonymous said...

Typical KC STAR lets these idiots trash county government without calling for their jobs. Remember not long STAR ago got all over the Kansas City Kansas Official living in same type arrangement difference was he actually was working on the house to improve it.