Epic Brain Drain Hits Department Of Agriculture After Kansas City Move

A peek at consequences of relocation and alleged turmoil within the organization . . . In fairness, living expenses in KCMO are much better than the Beltway and by far there are worse fates than moving to this town. Take a look:

200 ERS vacancies after Kansas City move

In interviews, current and former ERS employees describe a harsh work environment, especially after the loss of researchers with institutional knowledge. Several asked not to be identified because they still work for the government and fear reprisal.


  1. They don't want to live in Killer Shitty?

  2. They just not have been told about THE streetcar and the latest four new coffee shops.
    Someone alert the New York Times!

  3. good luck getting an interview.

  4. We are seeing what happens when the CDC is minimized and health experts are let go.

    Our food supply faces similar threats and challenges, but protection of the food supply isn't a priority for Trump and the GOP.

    Trump is wreaking rural America.

  5. It was mostly PhD economics paper shufflerz that didn't want to leave their beloved Beltway. Their work consisted of crystal ball projections of crop yields and post mortem reports of crop failures...BFD. The money formerly going to that crowd should be piped over to real, practical Ag sciences. The hallmark example of true Ag research being George Washington Carver.

  6. It can all be done by computers. They are only making more work for them selves.. I WANT MY MONEY BACK

  7. Typical liberal federal government employee whining. They may have to get off their fat asses and do some actual work around their 8 weeks of vacation plus holidays.

    Seed companies have more a accurate statistical info than these Federal bozos.


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