Downtown Kansas City Plans 2030 Good Life

Here's just a bit more municipal propaganda encouraging more gentrification, higher rents and "density" that will continue to spike the cost of living and make a select group of developers even richer . . . Read more:

Downtown KC 2030 strategic planning process takes flight

Part 1 of 2 stories ... new strategic planning process for Downtown Kansas City. The - at its sold-out Downtown Council ceremonially introduced a year-long planning process - Downtown KC 2030 Strategic Plan Annual Luncheon on Jan. 30 at the Kay Barnes Ballroom of the Kansas City Convention Center.


  1. Who's the geezer in the pic?

  2. Geezer is Bill Dietrich. I don't think he even lives downtown.

  3. ^^^ Neither does Julie Pierce, DTC board.

    The downtown council is staffed with charlatans and grafters.

  4. The only momentum is how fast they can suck the cash out of this city and leave a bankrupt mess in their wake for everyone else to deal with.

  5. "The Downtown Council (DTC) is a private, nonprofit membership organization"

    Lol "non profit" like we are supposed to believe that?

  6. Any chance the nonprofit gets profitable favors from taxpayers via city hall?

  7. Most of the DTC members live in JoCo! It's a real estate scam run by development lawyers to make sure their clients don't pay taxes! Which means other KCMO taxpayers have to pick up the cost of operating the City! Wonder why we have so many potholes???

  8. if you value having a meaningful life, beyond what margaret and bob shit on the table after inundating themselves with the latest cultural, urban, political, victual and emotional social trends, flee the KC metro area and never return.


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