Downtown Kansas City Hipster Luxury Green Space Imagined By Developers

Read this one closely . . . The plan remains MORE LUXURY LIVING SPACE with just a few public amenities thrown in for hobos to access weather permitting. Checkit:

Kansas City, developers planning vibrant green space for overhauled Barney Allis Plaza

KANSAS CITY, Mo -- Kansas City plans to transform Barney Allis Plaza into an active green space. The vision includes lively festivals, outdoor markets and seasonal activities. It's meant for people who live in the area, visitors and others who work nearby.


  1. Dodge pot holes after paying your outrageous water bill to enjoy the democratic wetdream, after all it's free !

  2. I'm getting the idea that the parking underneath is going away. Downtown will soon be impossible to find any parking.

    1. No more nanny state teet sucking free parking. Take the free bus.

  3. I swear has the leaders of this town go total batshit crazy?

  4. Luxury green space?
    That's called a forest, field, or park.
    And the only "luxury" involved with this latest scam is the cost to the taxpaying public.
    Another "urban planning" joke.
    It never ends.

  5. Swope Park is a lovely green space if the National Guard was allowed to go remove all the wild animals that have ruined it.

  6. This is a Russ Johnson boondoggle that taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for!!

  7. Well done 8:35.

  8. that vibrant green space will be full of bums and litter, see e.g. Ilus Davis park and federal building lawn and fountains and just about any green space downtown. I wonder if we wouldn't be better off trading some of these "grand public square" type ideas - which aren't so grand and become dead and bummed out - for economically useful and development to get some activity and something on the tax role going. just sayin green space downtown shit there's a lot of empty already downtown we need economic activity. chasing after luxury dwellings with every abatement and TIF doesn't accomplish that, either. there seems to be an abandonment of the contempt of a central business district. thx, radish

  9. and the comment about the giving up of the parking is true. this is the spot of the old convention hall, isn't it, the one that burned right before the democrats nominated Tilden or something. Barney Allis plaza, yeah admittedly it's not too great, but it is paid for, and it does have some parking, and what would be the purpose of frustrating motorists it would make it harder to conduct business and be a customer downtown. thx, radish, sorry for second radish musing


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