Thursday, February 27, 2020

Downtown Kansas City 2020 Inspiration

Another look at the plan for inside the loop that mostly works to enrich elite developers and drive out middle-to-lower-income residents. Read more hype here:

Part 2 - Inspiration for the Downtown KC 2030 strategic plan

Part 2 of 2 ... new strategic planning process for Downtown Kansas City; Click here to read (or review) Part 1 Both DTC leaders said they drew inspiration for the strategic plan from Spencer Levy, senior economic advisor for CBRE, the largest commercial real estate company on the planet, when he addressed the Downtown Office Summit audience in September.


  1. Spencer Levy's only talent is spewing bullshit which is exactly what KCMO leadership wants to hear.

  2. CBRE to Lay Off 40 Engineers in Its NYC Digital Tech Team

    Yes let's suck up Levy's crap ala' carte why don't we.

  3. Where in Leawood or Overland Park does Julie Pierce live?

  4. Julie Pierce
    Vice president and director of Kansas City operations, Henderson Engineers

    Oh what a coincidence

  5. “After an exhaustive search beginning with more than 25 national consulting firms to facilitate our efforts in charting this future course, we have selected one of the nation’s highest regarded consulting groups,” Dietrich said.

    ROFLMAO lyin'geezer

  6. “This is our collective opportunity to chart a course for Kansas City to become a more successful urban place and city,” Piece advised, “while maintaining our authenticity and affordability and developing specific strategies to promote economic inclusion, like free transit for all.”

    Oh yah good one thar how cute ans correct sounding.

  7. Downtown Council never misses an opportunity to pilfer the citizens.

  8. ^^ Ok Boomers

  9. ^^^ OK Gobshite

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  11. Byron Funkhouser2/28/20, 12:58 AM

    What's their plan for dealing with the exploding homeless population?


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