Disgraced Former Missouri Guv Eric Greitens Cleared Of Campaign Violation: ‘No Evidence Of Any Wrongdoing’ But Fined $178K & Still Probably Not A Good Date

According to progressives a few years ago: "Missouri Governor Might Be A Kidnapping Rapist"

So this isn't quite vindication but a welcomed bit of paperwork cleanup:

Eric Greitens says ethics report clears him of wrongdoing in campaign violations

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens says he's won an investigation into questions about his campaign money. This afternoon the Missouri Ethics Commission, or MEC, released an 18-page report about its investigation clearing former Governor Eric Greitens, but it did point the finger at two things in Greitens' successful 2016 gubernatorial campaign.


  1. He can beat my ass and cum in my mouth any time.

  2. Didn't he do all the "50 Shades of Gray" shit to that woman? (without being a billionaire, it's illegal)


  3. He's a democrat always will be.

  4. A predator who used his power as a governor. Disgusting human being. Cheated on his wife while she was in the hospital giving birth.

    I haven't gone back to read my column on www.kcmopost.com in awhile. But I expect I might need to, because sociopathic narcissists like Greitens will attempt endless comebacks.

    Jerry Jette used to say of Hubert Humphrey, "You'd have to drive a stake through his heart to keep him from running again."

    What is Sheena Greitens doing? Someone please report in.
    Leave, girl.
    And change your kids' names...or it is abuse.

  5. Day drinking again are you Tracy?

  6. Yet, he ran as a Republican, with the GOP establishment in lockstep defending him. Weird.

  7. "Disgusting human being. Cheated on his wife while she was in the hospital giving birth."

    But that's practically the GOP platform. Trump raw dogging pornstars when Meloonia was giving birth. Adulterous Newt serving divorce papers to his cancer stricken wife in the hospital. Rudy, Vitter, Sanford, Jerry Ryan... all these old pervs of the "family values" party trading in for a new trophy wife every decade.

    1. Because Democrats like Clinton and Weinstein, among many others, never rape anyone or anything!

      Good job, brain donor.

  8. Nothing screams innocence like a 6 figure fine.

  9. Clinton was charged with rape??? Nope.

    Weinstein isn't a politician.

    Try again.

    1. Charged with rape? No. But having a demonstrated pattern of dishonesty about his rapiness? Oh yes. In fact he got impeached for perjury about that issue.

      Were any of the Repubs you mentioned charged with crimes related to moral failure? No.

      Logic is fun! But not for you.

      Play again Y/N

  10. Looks like he's cutting his own hair now.

  11. I agree with Tracy.
    No way I let him pet my dog.
    Can’t imagine what Sheena is thinking.
    Did he lose his Trident yet?
    He made fun of Hawley... I bet Josh puts him in his place.
    Voters hate him... wasn’t he a Democrat awhile back?
    I can’t believe he hasn’t moved to China or dug a hole to get there.
    Ask Tony Messenger of St Louis newspaper what he thinks?
    Messenger almost single handedly brought the governor down with Tracy.
    If I looks like shit, smells like shit... it has to be.
    What will his kids think if him!
    WAG GAY! (Women Agaist Greitens - Greitens Against You)

  12. "A predator who used his power as a governor. Disgusting human being. Cheated on his wife while she was in the hospital giving birth."

    5:20 said it better than I could. Were you even thinking when you wrote this, Tracy? Cheating on a spouse is almost expected of Republicans these days.

  13. --while Democrats wrote the book on cheating on a spouse 8:34.

  14. tracey she really liked the idea of possibly being first lady. Greitins needed to breed & get wife for his political debut.

  15. the zeitgeist these days that a good proportion of women are not morally compromised dingbats to the same extent is ridiculous. Many of the men my female friends dated i felt sorry for, they were cheaters, liars, manipulators that wanted diamonds.

  16. "Politicians only lie when they move their lips".


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