Overall it was a winning night for the Republic as Democratic Party leaders ganged up against one of their biggest funders and SLAMMED the man who pretty much single-handedly funded the "Blue Wave" of 2018.

Still, the election isn't yet for sale to any single-bidder but remains firmly (thankfully) controlled by the military-industrial complex who thrive by way of constant culture war distractions that keep anybody asking why the troops are still in Afghanistan. Any guesses??? At this point the chicken/egg argument is more impactful to Americans scrolling their phones for any kind of benign stimuli programed into shopping algorithms.

But I digress . . .

Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg isn't going to be President. Senator Bernie still leads the pack. Senator Liz Warren made a serious comeback. Mayo Pete made sense about the DNC actually nominating a Democrat . . . Other than that it was all a bunch of static.


Democratic Part FINALLY Starts Debating The Presidency!!!

3 winners and 4 losers from the Nevada Democratic debate

The Democratic debate in Las Vegas on Wednesday night came at an important, even pivotal, time in the primary. Bernie Sanders's strong results in Iowa and New Hampshire, Joe Biden's national decline, and Bloomberg's ad-fueled rise have shaken up the race - and everyone's looking to take advantage.

Bloomberg Blown Up

Bloomberg Got Destroyed in the First 3 Minutes of the Debate

LAS VEGAS - It took exactly one question at Wednesday's Democratic presidential debate for Michael Bloomberg's opponents to lay into him. Bernie Sanders slammed Bloomberg for his "stop-and-frisk" policy while he was New York's mayor, which the senator described as "outrageous" and a way to guarantee low turnout from black and Hispanic voters.

Prez Trump Persists

Mark Meadows says Democrats' debate had 1 winner: President Trump

Who won the Democratic debate Wednesday night? That's easy, says U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C.: President Trump. "We now know why they've spent so much time on impeachment because they don't have a message that will resonate with the American people," Meadows said on " Fox News @ Night."

Bernie Disavows

Bernie Sanders distances himself from 'Bernie Bros' at Democratic debate

They're not his bros! Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders distanced himself from the so-called "Bernie Bros" who have been criticized for using online bullying tactics while on stage at Wednesday's Democratic primary debate. "If there are a few people who make ugly remarks ...

Debate Over Dox

Michael Bloomberg Refused To Release Former Employees From Sexual Harassment NDAs During The Debate

Democrats grilled Michael Bloomberg on the debate stage Wednesday over his refusal to release employees of his company, including women who accused him of sexual harassment, from nondisclosure agreements. "None of them accuse me of doing anything other than maybe they didn't like a joke I told," Bloomberg said.

Senator Warren Wins Twitter

Warren is most-tweeted-about Democrat during Wednesday's debate: Twitter

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Ann Warren Biden leads Sanders by single digits in South Carolina: poll 2020 Democratic candidates support Las Vegas casino workers on debate day Sanders takes lead in new Hill/HarrisX poll MORE (D-Mass.) was the member of the 2020 Democratic field who was the focus of the most tweets after Wednesday night's debate in Las Vegas, according to Twitter.

Somebody To Play The Bad Guy

Thank you, Mike Bloomberg, for rescuing the debate

Michael Bloomberg may have bought his way on to the debate stage in Las Vegas Wednesday night but the rest of us are in his debt. These once-every-couple-weeks rituals had become so familiar that watching til the end was a chore.

You decide . . .


  1. Trump wins. Trump 2020.

  2. Bloomburg will not quit. His third party run will give mature Trump haters an out but only insure a Trump landslide in the fall.

    Note gasoline is less than $2 a gallon in areas all ready !!! MAGA

  3. I love it when the left wingers have a circular firing squad.

  4. "Still, the election isn't yet for sale to any single-bidder but remains firmly (thankfully) controlled by the military-industrial complex who thrive by way of constant culture war distractions that keep anybody asking why the troops are still in Afghanistan. Any guesses???"

    Dead on the fuckin money.

    Get the fuck outta there!

  5. The crowd last night, including the 'journalists', heckled Bloomberg when he called Bernie a Communist.

    WOW!!! The 'Democrat' party is going to elect a Communist for president.

    Oh yes, there are no "Democrats" anymore.

    They all seem to have a Socialist Agenda....Anti US Citizens,
    Anti US Constitution.
    Anti Law Enforcement of the Laws they Passed.
    They don't believe in anything.

    Except POWER - POWER _ POWER!

  6. Bloomberg showed he can't make one reply without a Don Rickles sexist/racist /Im better than you remark. Slaves get to work.

  7. "Note gasoline is less than $2 a gallon in areas all ready !!! MAGA"

    And yet the lowest price I saw yesterday was $2.199. Weird.

    1. There are 24 U.S. states and counting in which gasoline is going for under $2 a gallon, its cheapest in nearly nine months and a drop that reflects a new push lower for already plunging oil prices.

      Louisiana, for instance, can claim $1.85 in a New Orleans-area station as of Thursday afternoon, while parts of Michigan were at $1.89 and New York posted $1.80 at select retail spots. Missouri was charging $1.78 at a Costco Wholesale Corp. COST+0.3% members-only station. Texas prices touched $1.64.

  8. Stop and Frisk reduced the murder rate by OVER 1000 PER YEAR!

    So whats the problem with it?

  9. So Bloomberg is trying to buy the Presidency. With his OWN money.

    So is Bernie...he is just using YOUR money to promise free education, free health care, etc. (and, of course, it won't really be free...he admits your taxes will go up.)

    COMMUNIST ATHEISTS have ruined every government they got total control of!

  10. Bloomberg was right, Bernie Sanders agenda is Communism; tried and failed in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

    What we learned from the Democrat's debate:

    If the Democrats win with their crazy proposed policies:

    1. Your income and other payroll taxes will go up leaving you a smaller paycheck.

    2. The price of gas per gallon for your car and your home heating costs will sky rocket with the elimination of fracking, coal fire plants, excessive regulations on oil companies.

    3. Coal miners, natural gas fracking workers, construction workers etc. will lose their jobs and the Democrats don't care. This year the Democrats have shown their true, elitist disregard for the working man in America.

    4. The stock market will crash with the raising of capital gains tax and corporate taxes. American corporations will be uncompetitive with China and Europe. Millions of Americans will lose their jobs as a result.

    5. The government will take over all of health care. If you ever been to Research Hospital here in Kansas City or a VA that is your future health care under the Democrats agenda.

    6. Illegal immigrants will flood the United States and the Democrats will give them free everything to buy their votes. Democrats know they have lost the American working man vote so now they need to bring in and pay off illegal immigrants for votes by giving them our jobs, welfare benefits etc.

    7. The Democrats do not support law enforcement or the military. Thus, there will be no police protection or law and order.

    8. Current crop of Democratic candidates are out-of-touch, bat-shit crazy like most college professors we had to endure. They live in a cocoon of make-believe.

    Trump wins by a landslide in 2020.

  11. It was embarrassing and unpresidential the way the candidates kept holding their hands up like kindergarteners. Last night's debate was the first I've watched this cycle. We're all doomed.

  12. 8:52 Is dead on the money. If, for some "And yet he was elected, weird" reason Bernie ascends to the Oval Office, one thing you can bet your life, the farm and your children's eyesight on, is, that the day after the election, 15 minutes after the opening bell, the economy will crater.

    Done. P.E.R.I.O.D., end of report, your assets gone, your life is worth shit and your future is all about remembering the good old days.


  13. And yet Bernie will be elected and will have to deal with Congress to get his proposals passed, just like any other president. Weird.

  14. At least Warren doesn't fit that Horse Face lesbian mold. LOL What a nasty broad.

  15. "8. Current crop of Democratic candidates are out-of-touch, bat-shit crazy like most college professors we had to endure. They live in a cocoon of make-believe."

    And yet the batshit crazy professors I had to endure were Birchers and would brook no disagreement. And that was really weird.

  16. Above, 1000%. America destroyed if Bernie wins.

  17. Trump will win in a landslide!!! (and yes he will, weird)

  18. And yet, Bernie will not be elected and you will still be living in your mommy's basement. Weird.

  19. 9:07: And yet if Pocahontas gets the nomination, she'll take the Great Pumpkin's scalp.

  20. "Trump will win in a landslide!!! (and yes he will, weird)"

    And yet he never has won a landslide, so that would really be weird. Maybe we'll luck out and he'll be buried by a landslide.

  21. I don't know who is going to win, but I am dead on the money right about what happens to this country if Bernie is elected, and, no, it ain't weird, it's common sense.

  22. When Warren speaks, she has that pleading, urgent, pouty little demeanor that just screams of fake!!! She doesn't have a chance and needs to leave with what little dignity she has left. (and yet she will weird)


    The party that champions identity-politics, that speaks endlessly of fighting for the interests of Black, Brown, Asian, Female, LGBT, Poor, Disenfranchised voters, is left with SIX WEALTHY PRIVILEGED WHITE people on stage.

    This is what Democrats constantly do:
    Tell you that you're a victim of society.
    Tell you that they will fight for your rights.
    Tell you that they will tax the rich and elevate the poor.
    Promise to give you a bunch of free shit.
    And all of this can be made possible IF you elect an entrenched White politician who's failed to accomplish much yet.

    Bloomberg is a NYC liberal Jew multi-billionaire with 11 homes scattered around the world, and is about as exciting as lox on a bagel.

    Warren is a multi-millionaire habitual liar, hopped up on amphetamines, waving her arms and gasping for breath. She got hired at Harvard by claiming Native American ancestry (LIE) which denied a qualified minority the teaching spot.

    Sanders is a multi-millionaire Socialist Jew who's been playing Celebrity Commie for 30-40 years now. He realized decades ago that by pandering to the disaffected youth he could establish a political base. In 2016, he stood by and allowed the DNC/Hillary to steal the nomination from him, not even standing up for himself.

    Biden is an Alzheimer's deer stumbling in the spotlight. When you can't think or speak straight, it's a bad look. He first ran for President in 1988. Obama won't even endorse him.

    Buttigieg is brought to you by the same Intelligence Community/Corporate Oligarchy that created Barack Obama. He's the youngest candidate in the field; very little known about his parents; father came to the U.S. from a foreign country; mother is an academic; virtually no living relatives; post-college he worked for a "consulting" firm tied to the intelligence community; handlers staged him with a Midwest pedigree; and this time gave him a brief military background; whereas Obama was closeted, Buttigieg is married to a man; has financial support from Big Tech leaders.

    Klobuchar is a place-holder because it would be bad optics to only have one woman (Warren) on the stage. She's never been a serious candidate for the nomination.

  24. ^^^TL/DR. Less is more.

  25. ^^^^ Miss Millie, silly, you know you cant read!!!

  26. "When Warren speaks, she has that pleading, urgent, pouty little demeanor that just screams of fake!!! She doesn't have a chance and needs to leave with what little dignity she has left. (and yet she will weird)"

    When Trump speaks, he has that bullying, antagonistic, drunk-uncle-that-you-hope-won't-show-up-for-Thanksgiving-dinner-but-always-does demeanor that just screams of phony know-it-all. Four years ago everyone was saying he didn't have a chance (and had it not been for the Electoral College he wouldn't have). It's way too late for him to leave with any dignity, so he should just leave.

  27. Trump is an ass hole tbat has gotten more positive things done for you and I than the ladt 10 presidents. When was the last time a nice guy finished first ? Re elect the ass hole because he is our ass hole. Winning MAGA

  28. Bloomberg is an old fashioned moderate and, sadly, cannot win the election in this environment. As a Democrat, I'm afraid we'll get Bernie, and he will get absolutely crushed by Trump. It's a like some kind of sick replay of the UK election. Bernie = Corbyn = Big loss. Sad.

  29. Like Castro vs. Reagan

  30. Its so funny to watch this circus of clowns they have nobody.

  31. I have some democartic friends and I mean hardecore democrates and they hate Trump the person with a passion. But what's interesting is how they hate their own party with the same amount of passion if not more. You actually have to wonder how are these people going to vote come November? Will they hold true to their party or will they vote for Trump and never tell anyone they did? My democratic friends piss and moan about Trump on Facebook all the time but when I ask them who the democrats have to run against him that will win they truly get pissed off and stop talking on the matter. I have known these people for years and respect them as one is even a former boss, but I see their pain. Change can be hard for a lot of people but in the end I truly think a lot of the so called democrats will jump ship, and do what is right in the end and that's vote not based on party, but what makes common sense and for the good of all when placing their votes come November.

  32. 9:56 but he wont leave will he? weird!!! he will get another 4 years HOORAY and you will just have a hissy fit you little turd!

  33. stupid dave...I knew you were lying when you said you had some friends.

  34. ^^^^^^^Well you're wrong, enjoy the bitch slap I just put on your ass.

  35. ^^Oh sorry, I'm not a faggoot like you are. I'm not chuck, so I wouldn't enjoy that like he would.

  36. ^^Yes you're a loser and we all know it. Weird

  37. 10:02: And yet I and most of this blog's readers live here. Weird.

  38. ^^Ha!! good one.

  39. But 1:13 they posted facts to prove the claim while you posted nothing as you do all day long day in and day out. BTW assclown gas was under two ddollars yesterday at some local station here in Kansas City. So as par for you you're wrong again! Nothing weird about that at all.

  40. Fuck You weirdo guy.
    $1.99 Phillips 66 8105 E Bannister Rd Kansas City Feb 19, 10:35 PM

  41. ^^^Are you butt-hurt snowflake? Got your punk-ass knocked the fuck out and now you wanna cry some??? Whaaaa!!!!!!

    1. Chimpy! You're getting clown suited all day long! Tell us more about the Chiefs parade you went to! Lol

  42. 1:33: Could you find something closer to civilization? Thanks.

  43. Noooooooooooo 1:35 you're who has been knocked the fuck out.

    2:01 Showing the world how stupid they are. Not everything revolves around 18th and Vine.

  44. The only one on stage that can run a food truck is the sawed off frowning Jew from kike town. These fucking idiots are the laughing stock of the world complete morons


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