Cultural Appropriation Concludes Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Parade?!?!

Double bonus for PC Thugs . . . That lady is wearing fur in the background of this pic that proves THE CHOP isn't going ANYWHERE any time soon:

Andy Reid, Frank Clark beat the Chiefs' drum to end victory rally

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and then Frank Clark beat the drum to end the Super Bowl victory celebration Wednesday at Union Station.


  1. Jesus, Tony--"That lady" is Tammy Reid, the "trophy wife" of Coach Andy Reid.


  2. This whole thing looks really cheesy. How can you people like and support this crap. Don't forget the NFL supports cop hating and flag hating but yet they won't leave the country.

  3. OK Boomer. Hurry up and die so it doesn’t offend your vagina anymore!

  4. It was Negrofied. Rap music is all we need.

  5. Yeah, all you gotta do is fire that shit up and they go into zombie African dance mode. Turn it off they leave. Should have turned it off after about 30 seconds, would have saved a lot of embarrassment from all the dick grabbing.

    Could've ended the whole thing with a little Lee Greenwood. Hahaha

  6. ^^^Loser. Die like your wife did.


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