Court Dox Claim Deadly Eight Buck Xanax Deal Sparked Deadly Olathe Shooting

Backstory on this horrific situation and a slice of desperate suburban life . . . Take a look:

Olathe teen enters plea in failed $8 Xanax deal killing

OLATHE, KS (AP) -- An Olathe teenager has pleaded guilty to lesser charges in the shooting death of another teen during a failed $8 Xanax deal. The Kansas City Star reports that Jordan Denny originally was charged with felony murder in the March 2019 death of 17-year-old Rowan Padgett.


  1. Jeez! I just paid $0.88 for thirty 1mg. tabs last week at the pharmacy. Am headed up to the H.S. at 2:25 to sell them at 5 bucks apiece.
    Girl needs some casino money.

  2. Should've given some to Pelosi. She could sure use some right now.


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