A proposed safety check would certainly impact the upcoming Big 12 Tournament at the Sprint Center and hurt Downtown biz.

Here's the word . . .

UST: Due to coronavirus concern, college players group wants NCAA to consider keeping fans away from basketball tournament

Deets and full statement:

"In the wake of the emerging coronavirus pandemic, the NCAA and its colleges should take precautions to protect college athletes. They should also make public which actions will be taken and when. Precautions should include cancelling all auxiliary events that put players in contact with crowds such as meet and greets and press events. Athletic programs should also take every possible measure to sanitize buses and airplanes used to transport players.

"In regard to the NCAA's March Madness Tournament and other athletic events, there should be a serious discussion about holding competitions without an audience present.

"Google just cancelled a summit in California and Amazon is encouraging its employees to avoid all nonessential travel because of coronavirus concerns. The NCAA and its colleges must act now, there is no time to waste."

Developing . . .


  1. Welcome to FKC, Fearmonger's Kansas City.

    Keep it up dude. It's irresponsible as fuck.

    And before you think about saying anything, Greezo, shut the fuck up.

  2. Ku's Liberal as hell students still pushing no vetting and no vaxing ? Unable to connect the dots. Or Is Ku still hiring Chinese Spies for their staff? That should be the headline.

  3. No worry. Trump has declared Cvirus is just a democratic hoax. !??

  4. this is a fast-moving situation, so stay tuned.

  5. The hoax is the fear mongering the dimwits are doing and it’s causing a hundred more times the problems than the flu/coronavirus is. 5:38 Blame trump all you want but he’s doing everything right, the dimwits are wreaking havoc and scaring the hell out of the american public, but you knew that already didn’t you fag lips.

    1. So we agree, 6:12, Tony's a dimwit since you're describing exactly what he's doing.

  6. You forgot to mention all the Ku Sports team members rapes. They were minorities, but not the communist Professor Chinese Spies ones. Get your facts straight.

  7. Good idea. Last thing we need is all the corona carriers descending on KCMO.

  8. Byron Funkhouser2/29/20, 6:56 PM

    6:12, you would prefer "The Band Played On" Redux?

    You've got the right man for the job.

  9. Trump has done nothing right on this. He has cut and dismantled agencies that work on global pandemics. He did not send experts to China to gather information on the virus (which should have been done in December). Vital government positions in Homeland Security and HHS are unfilled or held by temporary acting appointees. He didn't name a response team until Wednesday. Again, should have been done 2 months ago.

    Trump did not close the borders and even now people continue to travel to hotspots in Italy and South Korea and return to the US without any health screenings. He allowed people to travel to China and return without restrictions. Airlines were not ordered to stop flights to China and they cancelled flights on their own when demand collapsed.

    He said is was not inevitable that the virus will spread in the US. He said the few US cases were recovering. He has falsely claimed this will go away on its own. He ordered that infected people be flown back to the US from Japan. He sent government workers to those patients in the quarantine zones without training and protection (which is likely the cause of the current cases spreading on the west coast).

    Government experts have to clear their messages through the VP, instead of addressing the public freely. After appointing Pence to lead this all of government response, his first action was address a CPAC rally in Maryland, then fundraisers in Florida. Trump went to a MAGA rally and called the virus coverage a Democratic hoax. In today's presser, Trump said most people that get it will do fine, while the doctor said 15 to over 20% will need extensive hospital treatment including intensive care.

    We still have no testing plan. In fact, test kits are nearly non-existent. That is the worst problem highlighting the absolute incompetence for Trump's administration. Production and distribution of test kits should have been in overdrive since early January. The stock markets have lost nearly $5 trillion in value this week because of these failures. Other than that, yeah, he's doing a heck of a job and everything right. A perfect response.

    1. You're full of shit, explained below.

      Seriously, what will you people do when Trump is no longer President after smashing you in the next election? Your lives will have no meaning without your all-encompassing hate and stupidity.

  10. 7:10. You are insane. Thank god this virus is going to kill you.

  11. ^^^^^^^ Wrong wrong, wrong!
    Trump has done nothing wrong on this. China didn't disclose they knew about this virus for 4-6 weeks. Meanwhile over 10000 people per day travel to and from China to the US. All we heard from China was crickets.

    Every attempt to secure our borders since Trump became President have met with congressional and democrat judges getting in the way of doing the right thing, NOW and only NOW are you in favor of having secure borders.

    Wrong. Trump said he didn't think it was inevitable that the virus would necessarily spread within the US. He made comments that were ill informed.
    You fail to realize the US has the best in the world public health system, That is different from Healthcare on a daily basis which is still one of the best when you go to the doctor and have healthcare insurance you bought. Public Health system with the CDC and NIH is excellent. We have only 60-65 cases in the US and 60 of those were imported from China and Japan and we immediately quarantined those people. WE have containment better than any other country at this point.

    No one said anything close to what you are saying about the VP except you and your girl Nancy. What you fail to understand is that the task force created needs to have a leader. Trump chose Pence, better than Obama's choice to lead the Ebola task force. Pence is a pretty smart guy and a proven good manager of information. He will lead the task force, the experts will do their jobs and funnel results and recommendations to him. He will report to the president but he will also interface with other nations to work on a world wide scale to beat this problem.

    The testing plan is being worked on. CDC has said that current tests available may not work properly. That newly developed technology and tests cold be 12 -18 months away and Trump has nothing to do with that. We do know that less than 1% should die, not 100% will be affected by the virus. That some people will feel like a mild flu sickness and will recover without meds just like with the flu. Older people are probably most susceptible to harder impact and death. Getting all dramatic does no good so calm down. Countries with poor public health organizations, China, Iran, North and South Korea, Italy, African and Scandinavian countries will likely be hardest hit. Sleep well the boogeymen won't get you tonight.

  12. For some unknown reason countries where smoking rate is higher than in the US seem to be more susceptible to getting this virus.

  13. Many people are entertaining at their Home In Costco last week and there were long lines in the check out. There grilling there steaks and buying toilet paper .They save money by eating at home and watching March madness on T.V.AND there are many bad virus, you can come in contact with in Public venues. I

  14. The US has the best public health care system in the world? Nope. Not even close. We're # 19! We're # 19!

    The public health system rankings are used to develop U.S. News' annual Best Countries report, released Jan. 23. The report incorporates survey results from more than 20,000 global citizens from four regions to assess the global perception of at least 80 countries across 75 metrics.

    The top 10 countries with the best public health systems:

    1. Finland
    2. Norway
    3. Sweden
    4. Switzerland
    5. Canada
    6. Denmark
    7. Germany
    8. The Netherlands
    9. Australia
    10. United Kingdom

  15. ^^ Let's not compare equal populations. It's like when some dipshit tells you about a country comparison of low crime rate. Yep and the Negro population is low as well. Apples to Apples. Scotland doesn't have a lot of gun violence, but the stabbings are #1 in the world.

  16. ^^^^ Scottish are angry.

  17. Ignatius, at least get the facts right.

    China disclosed the first case 12/31. Two months ago. The US would have independent intelligence on that given directly to the president, but Trump doesn't read daily intelligence briefings (he has bragged about that on multiple occasions). China likely did sandbag the numbers, so aren't you upset that Trump isn't claiming your "crickets" defense, but said Chinese President Xi has done a good job and that he has been working closely with us. Surprise, another set of lies. 

    Your numbers don't match what Trump is saying either. You are almost correct with 60+ US cases (69 exactly - it's 47 repatriated from China and Japan, and 22 discovered here as travel or community spread), but Trump's still telling the public it's 22. More incompetence and/or lies. 

    The US government quarantine isn't working. It would if run competently (like how Ebola was handled). The administration is not running it properly. We have a whistle blower describing the failures, which is likely why it's now spreading on the west coast. Closing the border won't stop it and isn't practical. Screening all entry points would help, but that's yet another thing not being done. 

    Pence as point person is a joke. He has no medical background. That in itself isn't a disqualifier, if he would stay out of the way of scientists and doctors. Instead, he has a history of fighting against medical science. He denied smoking was linked to cancer. As governor, he blocked a needle exchange in Indiana that led to unnecessary spread of HIV and AIDS. He quite literally believes prayer is the answer. That's not the type of bright guy we need in charge.

    Tests are being done globally now. It's why we know about the high numbers in Italy and South Korea (which both have good health care systems). The US is barely testing at all and don't even have kits ready at the levels needed. The government didn't prepare for this over the last two months when we knew this was coming. Those kits should have already been sent to all hospitals. More failure. 

    The virus is here and spreading now. Remember it takes up to 14 days to develop symptoms. Today's death was from virus transmitted up to 2 weeks ago. We are now lagging and under-reporting (see lack of testing above). That will change in the coming days and weeks. Guaranteed.
    It's the vaccine that will take 12-18 months to develop, not testing or plans which should have already been in place. Trump keeps babbling about it all being done very quickly. That's just confusing people. You can try to claim Trump's not really involved, but then why is he meeting with drug makers on Monday? He really should just shut up for the good of everyone.

    You are wrong about the fatality rate. Flu runs .2 to .5% (well less than 1%). Coronavirus is between 2% and 3% (upwards of 10 to 20 times higher than the flu). Again, 15% to 20+% of the infected will need extensive hospital treatment to recover. 

    The US will be hit significantly. Not as bad as poor regions of Africa, SE Asia and war zones in the Middle East. But we have a significant number of people here without insurance or insurance with high deductibles or lousy coverage. People will delay going to the doctor. That will mean more deaths than other industrialized countries. Scandinavia and the rest of Europe will fair best, since they are the countries with the best public health care systems. 

    Do yourself a favor and learn the facts. This isn't a political game or hoax. Ignorance and denial only hurts yourself and the people around you. Trying to own the libs during a health crisis is pointless and juvenile. This is about facts, science, life and death. 


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