Monday, February 24, 2020


No, it doesn't.

But this news item offers a reminder that the American middle-class economy is still dependent on cheap Chinese junk:

Coronavirus outbreak in China delays shipment of bridal, prom dresses

Even without confirmed cases of the virus in the metro, the outbreak in China is already having an impact at some bridal shops here.It's estimated that 80% of bridal gowns come from China. With factories shut down in China, if the dress you want is not already in the country, you might have to come up with another plan.For decades, Natalie M.


KC said...

Why would you order a wedding/prom dress from a country that promotes eating bats, rats, dogs & cats? Rent American.

Anonymous said...


I agree but the liberals for some reason don't want to buy or rent American. They think if you buy American or support this country for any reason they think you're a Nazi.

Anonymous said...

The virus was developed with crispR, a way to modify virus. Its a weapon the chinese are testing on their own and it got out of hand. They put it on paper money and never expected such a huge spread. They though maybe 20 would get it. Wrong!

Anonymous said...

Typical spoiled narcissistic Americans. Thousands have died, but it's still me, me, me.

Locals are in more danger from maniac bridezillas freaking out than from a deadly pandemic virus.

MDLQ said...

Dr. Flush Bimbaugh says this little virus is "just a common cold"........
So don't worry.........Dr. Bimbaugh is always right......right?
Malaria Trump says......'DON'T WORRY, MY HUBBY'S ALWAYS RIGHT!"
Paula White says......It's a gift from god.....god speaks to her all the time.

Anonymous said...

A team of psychiatrists says...Get back on your meds!!