Actually, once again locals should probably be reassured that local health officials are keeping the public informed, sharing info and working to quickly treat anybody with who shows signs of the sickness.

Here's the latest as we hope the Northland is braver than panicky Wall Street:

KSHB: Clay County monitoring 3 at medium risk for coronavirus


"The Clay County Public Health Center is monitoring three people for coronavirus.A spokesperson said Monday that the trio was considered a “medium risk” due to recent travel. That is the same level of risk associated with the people the Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department has been monitoring."

Developing . . .


  1. These people were in Wuhan China and they let them some all the way to Kansas City? We should have "shut our borders" with China. China has lied, the creamation services are overflowing in China, the death rate is 10x higher than reported.

  2. Why weren't these people stopped at customs and quarantined? People of Clay County, stay in your homes until March 10 if you know what's good for you.

  3. Given what goes on in the Clay County Courthouse, a deadly virus should be the least concern of the taxpayers there.
    Maybe a couple of the county commissioners should be given a free trip to China at taxpayer expense.


    Before interviewing former Governor Greitens, Pete Mundo suited up to maintain his clean image!!!

  5. What's the big deal, "anti-Vaxers" do exactly the same thing every day, putting your children's and everyone else's children's lives at risk for their own fringe beliefs, with absolutely no consequences for their arrogance and irresponsibility.

  6. Its rather interesting that these arriving "potentially ill people" are not protested strongly by the Americans/groups that will die from Coronavirus - the cancer recovery victims, heart transplant recovery patients, those with kidney transplants, HIV positive people, and childhood cancer patients. These groups all advertise on TV, ask for donations, fundraise and offer support groups - but they dont mind that a virus that can wipe their group out is being allowed in our borders? If you go on vaca outside the USA you do not have the right to re-enter unless your healthy. The customs agents wont even let you bring fruit in from other countries. But let the killer virus in? Odd.

  7. Nah, if you have a vaccine you don't have to worry about contracting the illness. That's what a vaccine does. Quit blaming the non-vaccinated third worlders who have illegally come across our border. Get a brain moran

  8. .......Hey! Flush Bimbaugh says that the virus is.........
    JUST A COMMON COLD!!! Yeah! That's Dr. Flush Bimbaugh ya'know?
    Just a cold, don't worry........"Breath deep the gathering Blue"....
    And Malaria ........."I don't really care.....Do you?" Trump don't care......
    Even Baron doesn't give a shit...........
    Pence says the virus is '" a blessing from god".......right?
    ......Happy Fat Tuesday!

    1. Yes, yes. Show on the doll where Trump hurt you? Your meds are on their way.


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