City College Life Stays Losing

Right now we consider commuter campus lady testimony and a proposed solution that, unfortunately, doesn't involve hanging around older dude and seedy local entertainment districts.

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It's Not You, It's the City

As I sat with some ladies of Her Campus at UMKC, we discussed our shared difficulty in meeting and making new concrete friendships. As college students, there is a certain expectation for social life standards, especially in a vibrant city like Kansas City, Missouri.


  1. If she wants to meet people, she’s going to have to get fucked more. It wouldn’t hurt if she dressed like a hot slut. Then she will meet lots of people.

  2. White girls looking for "Vibrancy".

    What a cliche.

    The chick on the left needs to quit smoking, drop 20 lbs and she could actually date a white guy.

  3. ^^OK Boomer.

  4. ^^^^ Usually, the boomer insult isn't funny but that one was perfect. Well done.

  5. WTF is wrong with these young people, if you want to meet people get out and meet people. No secret.

  6. ^^OK Boomer.

  7. "..making new concrete friendships."
    Concrete? You chose the word "concrete"?

    " life for a college student is unexplainably lacking."
    Unexplainably lacking? Really?

    "Well… I was wrong."
    Confession is the first step toward healing, congratulations!

    "You are not alone in this endeavor, all of us ladies at HC are on your side!"
    Fact: Get more than 3 women together and rarely will they all be on the same side, supporting other women.

    ...studying Psychology and minoring in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.
    My condolences to the writer.

  8. From what I read it looks like she was disappointed with UMKC's social or college life. At UMKC greek life isn't that important. No social mixers, little to no dorm life and while you do have a D1 men's basketball team, it's not like they're in the SEC or Big 12. Hell, UMKC isn't even in the Mountain West, American or Missouri Valley.

    My response to her is, no kidding you choose to go to a city/commuter college. You went to a school that has none of the college life you wanted. Maybe this woman should of went to MU, KU, K-State. Or any of the small MIAA schools in the area that has those things.

    She thought it would have been hip to go to a city college off the Plaza. Thing's not hip to go to UMKC.

  9. ^^OK Boomer.

  10. Yep, this whole blog is.

  11. I didn't realize that colleges were supposed to provide dating services. Millenials have to be the most thumb sucking sissy boy generation of all time.

  12. ^^OK Boomer.

  13. ^^and yet you said "Ok Boomer"; weird.

  14. and yet you are a Boomer, so OK. Weird.

  15. The whole reason those chicks have nothing to do is that 95% of male students at UMKC are homosexuals and are only interested in sucking dick and getting rammed up the ass.

  16. And Yet, Millenials are sissy boys; weird.


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