Caught On Camera: High Flying Kansas City Dude Taken Down By Airport Security

Local flavor traveling mad and offers a hint at increasingly unfriendly skies across the nation. Read more:

Kansas City man behind bars after incident at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - A Kansas City man is behind bars facing eight charges after allegedly assaulting a police officer and an American Airlines customer service agent at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Dramatic video taken by a nearby passenger shows Kansas City native Jerome Toson Jr. wrestling police officers.


  1. Visit KC had to pay $250,000 to settle a sexual harassment suit which was brought on its leader, Rodney Burt. Now J. Tolson, a previous and long term Visit KC employee was caught on camera in the Dallas airport.
    Kansas City has a hiring problem. KC hires criminals....

  2. 7:41 You think ?? Kc is full of fraud and scammy Mfers running the dog and pony show. Maybe one day we won't hire people JUST based on their minority status grouping.

  3. This is what happens when a Boomer gets ahold of some of the "Really Good Stuff". It's probably been 20 years since he could move that fast.

  4. Maybe you can blame it on the vaping ban?


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