Boulevard Brewery Debuts Kansas City 'Chiefs-Themed' Super Bowl Victory Brew

Because nothing says "winning" like sitting around enduring liver damage and paying way to much for a company that's not even locally owned any longer . . . Here's another overly-designed package dutifully pushed by mainstream media . . . Read more:

Boulevard releases new details on red Chiefs-themed beer celebrating Super Bowl victory

by: FOX 4 Newsroom Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Boulevard Brewing Company has announced on social media new information on a special beer to celebrate the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory, emphasizing the win was 50 years in the making. The beer, called, "Worth The Wait," is being listed as an imperial red ale.


  1. This is really Smart. BLVD never tries to latch on to opportunistic local marketing saturation. Good to see them trying to sell themselves more.

    1. Oh he'll everyone and his dog are rubbing off glory by association. Even people who have never played a single day of pro ball are going apeshit as if they had done something.

  2. Who cares ?


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