Thursday, February 20, 2020

Bloomberg Tops Kansas Democratic Primary Ballot As Bernie Stuff Far Below

A totes random lottery puts the Democratic Socialist near the bottom of the pack . . . Take a look and imagine that we still live in Democracy:

Ballot order for Kansas Democratic primary announced

TOPEKA, KS (KCTV) -- The Kansas Democratic Party on Thursday announced the ballot order for the party's upcoming primary on May 2. A random lottery process determined the ballot. The candidates will be listed as followed: 1. Michael Bloomberg 2. Pete Buttigieg 3. Joe Biden 4. Amy Klobuchar 5.


Anonymous said...

Of course a billionaire would top it. For a Party that claims that they detest money, their heroes are all rich. One would call that fake fucks. Unless one is afraid to be truthful.

Anonymous said...

A truly powerful billionaire would have the primary cancelled.

Trump lost to Ted Cruz in the 2016 Kansas primary. He won't lose this year. You can't lose an election that is not held.

Reality Speaker said...

8:55 Are you really that stupid?

Anonymous said...

Bernie will run as a Socialist Democrat, Nazi being another word for it. This will turn off the adults in the party. Bloomberg may not give up, has the money to run third party. If so Trump takes all 50 states.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Bloomberg has already stated his money goes to the Democratic nominee. But whatever the case, any predictions about the election are mental masturbation at this point; all depends on the turnout.