Better Call Bob For Kansas Senate?!?!

Draining the swamp didn't really happen so now maybe Kansas can look beyond the alt-right vs. establishment GOP debate to a small biz dude who has practical experience working on toilet and sink drains . . . And yes, we'll be sending him a TKC invoice for the campaign advice . . . Here's the paywall headline tease and boring coverage:

Overland Park businessman weighing run for U.S. Senate in Kansas

An Overland Park businessman best known locally for his company's "Better Call Bob" tagline is considering jumping into the race to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts. Bob Hamilton, who has frequently appeared in his plumbing company's television and radio commercials, met with officials from the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) last week to discuss his possible candidacy, a source familiar with the discussion confirmed to The Star.


  1. Hamilton is a real crook for sure, he'd fit right in there as a politician.

  2. Gee, I don't know. He's kind of a cutie on those commercials.
    He can check my plumbing any time. And I will pay HIM.

  3. ^^^^Time for a new set of glasses.

  4. Judging from the comments, apparently I'm not the only one familiar with Mr. Hamilton's business practices.
    Sorry. Charlatan from the get go.

  5. If elected he will become part of the TRUMP Machine. .2024 ELECTION THE Republicans will continue winning. The Clinton,And OBAMA Machine ARE CORRUPT and the Voter's know this The D.N.C.CAN'T PICK A CANDIDATE THAT CAN WIN. SO IT IS IMPEACHMENT. INJOY THE SHOW .

  6. God I hope the Republicans don't take that ripoff artist. Steal from the people to enrich himself. Just what we don't need right now.

  7. His commercials with the young boys choirs creep me out. Might be some skeletons in that closet which of course makes him a normal Republican.

  8. I trust Bob Hamilton Plumbing Heating and Cooling and Rooter. They are fair and honest. They provide spectacular fast service if you have a problem and the monthly maintenance contract --just $10. I've worked with Corky Williams, a comfort specialist, for decades. 816/896-8636. Best prices, backed up a warranty when there was a problem, when most other vendors would have bailed.

    They also don't condemn a unit if it can reasonably be repaired. Corky always tells you the truth.

    Ten years ago I was disabled and living in a rehab center to learn to walk again. I trusted Bob Hamilton staff to come and go in my house, and install a new AC unit when I was not even living there. They left no mess--and did not try on any of my 899 hats! So--hats off to Bob Hamilton.

    We could do far worse than having Bob as our next US Senator from Kansas. He would run in the general against Dr. Barbara Bollier, who is so two-faced, truly disloyal and disingenuous, she just changed parties to become the poster child now of the Democrats--and grab their millions to rescue more socialists and illegal aliens.

  9. Oh, that's original. Stop stealing my act.

  10. Well I wouldn't vote for him and I won't vote for Bollier either. In fact I would not vote for anyone that changes parties, either way. My vote right now is with Marshall first and holding my nose but Kobach second.

  11. Joe the Plumber couldn't get elected even with Palin's endorsement and support.

    Bob, don't quit your day job.

    And why would you? I've seen your rates. Talk about a license to steal.

  12. More proof that everyone knows the current declared GOP candidates are terrible and are going to lose this seat.


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