Show-Me Senator Hawley Crackdown On China

Actually, a pretty interesting move from this Missouri politico that hopes to expose the U.s. reliance in Chinese merch of all kinds. Checkit:

Sen. Hawley to introduce Coronavirus bill aimed at securing medical supply chain

As fears about the spread of the novel coronavirus continue to grow, Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., plans to introduce legislation on Thursday aimed at securing America's medical supply chain. Hawley's office provided Fox News with a copy of the bill, entitled "The Medical Supply Chain Security Act," along with an outline of its contents.


  1. good, common sense ideas.


  2. Finally someone with some brains to prepare for the worse. Unlike the MORON Clever who copied the words from President Trump about this not being about politics, and then called out the white house as putting out conflicting guidance, and more worried about the economy.

    Anyone who can't see Cleaver as an IDIOT is an IDIOT themselves.

  3. Way too late, Senator Photo Op.

    These are things to do PRIOR to an emergency. Trump has defunded and fired those agencies and people. This dumb cunt didn't object then. He was too busy bitching about facebook. So he can fuck off now.

  4. ^^Post your proof or shut the hell up. You didn't even read the story.

  5. ^^^^

    Hawley is a total suck-up.

  6. 3:45 didn't read the article. The disruption of medical devices (along with supplies and drugs) from China is happening because of the virus. If dependencies of critical materials in foreign markets is a problem, you address that BEFORE there is a crisis. You REGULATE the industries and don't allow outsourcing. Trump and the GOP don't believe in that and have allowed it. You could bring those manufacturing jobs back to the US as a MAGA thing to do, which Trump promised but obviously failed to do.

    Trump has a long list of government vacancies and unqualified temporary acting heads, including many in vital national security and health positions.

    As for Hawley championing facebook trolling as his core issue, just look at everything this blog has posted for the last year.

    You can STFU.

  7. 3:18 and 4:46 how about you STFU
    CLAIM: President Trump “fired” the government’s pandemic specialist, and “defunded” the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

    VERDICT: Mostly false. The specialist quit, he was not fired. Some cuts to the CDC were presented but not implemented. The cuts wouldn't have had any effect on dealing with the current issue. But since said cuts didn;t happen the issue is moot.

  8. Seriously 5:54??? Breitbart's Analyzing America and facebook's Chicks on the Right are not credible sources.

    Holy shit, just when I think Trump's cultists can't get any dumber, they copy and paste crap like that as news. Go read the real links posted earlier.

    I'd tell you to STFU, but that seems redundant since it seems Trump's cock is blocking most of your verbalizing.

  9. ^^They slapped the fuck out of you with the truth dipshit.

  10. 6:15 is probably that loser MoRage, they talk and think like he does.

  11. 6:15 a lot of sites are carrying that quote so suck it up and shut the fuck up. You got knocked the fuck out so deal with it bitch.

  12. hawley already has corona due to his multiple campaign stops in china

  13. 7:08 and 7:14 show why it's impossible to debate idiots. So "a lot of sites are carrying that (lie) quote", so it must be true. Gosh, I feel really owned. Morons.

    You are only fooling yourself. No one else believes your made up garbage.

  14. The problem with flu vaccines is its made in egg yokes. if a new deadly bird flu comes along, it will first kill all the chickens (or we cull them) and then no eggs are around to make vaccine. So we have nothing. we need better vaccine manufacturing techniques. A new bird flu is being made/mutated every day - someday it will be super deadly


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