Friday, January 10, 2020


Tonight we'll share more weather deluge of info and reporting as most locals don't mind staying in but hope to keep their social media and Netflix connection intact. Meanwhile, we include further reading about efforts to improve the grid that's already under attack by Iranian hackers.

Local Lights Out?!?!

Utility crews, restaurants share concerns over power outages during winter storm

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - While utility crews have been working hard to make sure Arrowhead Stadium doesn't lose electricity this weekend, some restaurants who'll be showing the game are bracing for a potential power loss.

Merger Make Or Break

Evergy crews preparing for possible power outages in metro

Crews are getting ready for any power outages that could come with this weekend's winter storm. All kinds of electricity will run through Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday.

Shovel Ready

Crews on both sides of state line prep for snow

KANSAS CITY, Mo - The Missouri Department of Transportation and the Kansas Department of Transportation are preparing for Friday's ice and snow event. MoDOT added blades and treatment spreaders to its trucks on Thursday and plans to continue that process Friday.

Plow Precautions

After 3 snow plows hit last winter storm, Kansas officials using new idea to alert drivers

MERRIAM, Kan. - Snow plow drivers say they'll be out until the snow is cleared from roads, meaning many will be working long, overnight shifts this weekend. During the last significant snowfall in the metro, the Kansas Department of Transportation said drivers hit and damaged three of its plows.

Bad Dudes Deliver Smorgasbord Of Salami Attacks

Iranian Hackers Have Been 'Password-Spraying' the US Grid

In the wake of the US assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani and the retaliatory missile strike that followed, Iran-watchers have warned that the country could deploy cyberattacks as well, perhaps even targeting US critical infrastructure like the electric grid.

History Repeated

Iran Has Already Hacked the U.S. At Least 4 Times - and Could Do It Again

In 2014, Tehran hackers crippled the casinos of outspoken billionaire conservative and big-time President Trump donor Sheldon Adelson after he suggested the U.S. nuke Iran. Now, in the wake of Trump's decision to assassinate the man widely seen as the country's second most powerful leader, experts fear Iran is set to retaliate once again in cyberspace.

Sparking Sustainable Tech

Opinion | What Will It Take to Clean Up the Electric Grid?

It's a huge undertaking to slow climate change, but we've done big things before. By Justin Gillis and Mr. Gillis is a former environmental reporter for The Times. Ms. Aggarwal is the vice president of Energy Innovation, a clean energy research group. Decades of climate change foot-dragging are finally giving way to public demands for action.

Hot Air Political Solution

As bottleneck stymies projects, Midwest groups call for transmission reforms

Clean energy advocates say the Midwest needs to change how it plans - and pays for - transmission projects. The Midwest is gearing up for a high-renewable future, but it faces a major obstacle: Despite abundant interest from states and developers who want to build new wind and solar projects, the region doesn't have enough transmission capacity to accommodate them.


Shoppers pack grocery stores Friday as winter storm threatens

Maybe the hardest thing to find at this Raytown Hy-Vee on Friday was a parking spot.Inside the store, there was just as much traffic.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

We tolerated the Iranians when Obama the pussy was president, even gave them $150 billion. That cunt Obama isn’t the president anymore. I don’t think Iran wants any more retaliation from. Us.

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^Bullshit. We did not give them any money. We returned the money that we seized from them with earlier sanctions. It was their money.

Obama is twice the man Trump is.

Trump lied.

There was no threat. He tried to keep secret his meeting with the Saudi Defense Minister. This is where he got his orders.

Anonymous said...

"even gave them $150 billion."

yeah, that's a lie.

Anonymous said...

Well we did give them the money we should have kept. Hey Byron take you butt buddy friends and move to Iran maybe next attack will get you.

Anonymous said...

Byron. What a dumb fuck. Do deserve any money? Ruth Fucker.

Anonymous said...

Iran certainly isn't going to "hack" anything in KCMO.
They know the old adage that when an organization is destroying itself, the best tactic is to just get out of the way.

Anonymous said...

Obama CRIMES! Gave 2% of US Uranium to Russia Felon Conspirator with Hillary Clinton Gave $160 Billion to Iran Terrorists Attacked whistleblowers Spied on reporters Regime change in Libya Regime change in Ukraine Regime change attempt in Egypt Armed Mexican Drug cartels Used IRS to attack opponents Spied on Millions of Americans Conspirator with Muslim Brotherhood Used C_A and NSA to spy on opponents Hacked Opponents in Congress and Senate Spread Unmasked Classified info to ALL intel agencies Election interference in Israel with U.S. Tax $$ Grew ISIS from 700 to 70,000 Muslim Terrorists Deemed Opponents to be Domestic Terrorists But Trump LIED ? Go SOAK your head Byron......

Anonymous said...

Iranians in their streets this morning demanding the Ayatollah’s head.
Trump a hero.
Dems should move clue where- maybe Saudi Arabia.