Friday, January 24, 2020

Weed Scene Blooms In Kansas City Metro

One more important note about local drug war hypocrisy . . . Only a couple of short years after a Missouri vote, the marijuana biz has garnered EPIC investment and competition . . . Here's a look at how the cash crop is widely available and just as easy to obtain as bubble gum. Read more:

Here Are The 45 Places To Buy Medical Marijuana Within An Hour's Drive Of Kansas City

The Kansas City metro area, and a couple of cities just outside of it, will soon have 45 medical marijuana dispensaries. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services issued dispensary licenses Thursday, marking a major milepost since voters passed a constitutional amendment in 2018 that legalized medical marijuana.


Anonymous said...

And here are 45 places that the blacks will rob and murder at, guaranteed

Anonymous said...

Surely not . Do you have any proof that blacks and dope cause murders ? My liberal " friends " state different.

slow the fuck down said...

This whole town needs to smoke weed and lay around the house.