South Kansas City Weed Farms Coming Soon

The increasingly legal marijuana might be the only growth industry in town. Here's kind news of local biz given that promises the Cerner campus would transform this community have withered and died so far . . . Read more:

Medical marijuana grow farms approved for south KC

By John Sharp Several medical marijuana cultivation and transportation facilities in south Kansas City were awarded operation licenses by the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services (DHSS). Cultivation facilities certified to grow medical marijuana include two owned by Focus Partners-Kansas City, both at 14655 Prospect, and another by Holistic Missouri at 14514 S.


  1. Grow your own for gawd sake. Comfort weed prices will become un-affordable now that the medical mafia and local politico mafia is involved in the sales and distribution of it.

  2. yep, black market will just become gray market and will still exist, likely as strong as it is now. Most consumers in the hood are about to go out, get a fake Rx from some Dr., register with the state, all just to buy legal weed. Heck, most consumers anywhere. You can go to the local drug house, get a dime bag, then go smoke. Or, get Rx, go to nearest store, get through that ringer for stuff maybe better, maybe worse than your local dealer.



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