Thursday, January 16, 2020

Social Media Question: Po-Po Asleep At The Wheel In Traffic??? KCKPD: NO COMMENT

Internets outrage and local media follow-up reporting . . . Read more:

KCKPD addresses video on social media of officer allegedly asleep in patrol vehicle

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- The KCKPD has said that they are aware of a video on social media involving one of their officers after citizens made them aware of the video. They did not specify the nature of the video, but said in a statement that they will not be making comments about what they call an "incident" because it is "being addressed as an administrative investigation."


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That person should get an award for reporting on the police.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I see this differently. Does the officer need to be reported and disciplined? Absolutely yes, he does! But to take these pictures and then go to the media where he is not only in trouble with his employer, but publicly humiliated! The later part is unnecessary and just plain vindictive. This should be a private issue between him and his employer. Sounds like the person doing the “outing” has an axe to grind here. This shouldn’t be newsworthy.

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