Monday, January 27, 2020

Show-Me Tragedy For Missouri Judges

Tragic end game that resonates among local legal community . . . Read more:

Son of 2 Missouri judges missing in California found dead

SPRINGFIELD, MO (AP) - The 25-year-old son of two Missouri judges who disappeared last month in California has been found dead. The Springfield News Leader reports that Greene County Judge Calvin Holden confirmed the death of his son, Alexander Holden, in a text message late Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Why is this news? In Kansas City? White privileged kids are always missing, high, doing something illegal and getting away with it. That is every day life, not news.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ There are a lot of lawyers who read this blog and the legal community has more interest than most. Just in case you really wanted to know.

Anonymous said...

Well they are Judges sir, cronies elected them, and when their spawn has a tradgey you will be forced to hear about theirs before yours through media, its the way it works unfortunatley, any life lost is a loss in my opinion, Kobe Byant was a NBA star he died in his privalleged (reparations not needed) helicopter crash yesterday along with his daughter, bet he wished now he was CHEAP and took a Uber, my point is Tradegy happens to people everyday, parents lose kids, and kids lose parents everyday across this country, in 99% of those losses - 99.9 percent of everyday people dont hear about other peoples tragedys that are of the same magnitude, yet its still a tragedy no more no less than any tradegy you see on the news. Death is inevitible it will visit all of us one day, if you are famous you die like the rest of us do no matter the lifetime acomplishments or the fame you have. Because TMZ made it known a dad and his daughter died in a helicopter crash along with 7 others broke my heart, I am not a NBA fan so outside of a family crushed by a devestating tragedy thgat happens everyday to people in this country who are NOT rich or famous - my heart goes out to anyone who has lost a loved one no matter who they were or how they died.