Friday, January 10, 2020

Show-Me Gun Legislation Doomed In Jeff City

Local pundits, politicos and so many high-paid consultants are ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT when they contend that gun crackdowns will make their way through the Missouri Legislature . . . Our blog community knows better and won't be too surprised about the pro-gun outcomes this session. Take a look at a progressive contrary indicator:

Missouri Legislature Convenes With Redistricting And Crime Prevention On Agenda

The Missouri General Assembly's 2020 legislative session began with procedure and ceremony: lawmakers reading the Bill of Rights, new legislators being sworn in and hundreds of bills being formally introduced. But even though Wednesday's opening was fairly mundane, legislators from both parties are expecting fierce debates in the coming weeks over state legislative redistricting and gun violence - issues that could play a big role in the impending 2020 elections.


Anonymous said...

the one thing you can set your watch to with this general assembly is they are going to go after the only abortion clinic left in the state. And that effort will sustain scores of politicians of lobbyists and fundraisers and activists LOL. Absolute nightmare for these clowns would be if plann3d parenthood actually just said fuck it and closed the one clinic in saint louis. Then what would they use to justify their little cottage industry? -Radish

Anonymous said...

We should really have open season on stray dogs in Kansas City. After a few shih tzus and labs get shot by grandpa's 9mm, that will likely reduce the stray dog problem by about 90%. And, if the owners don't learn, little Fido just won't be coming home.

Anonymous said...

Labs? Shih Tzus? Whu-chu-tawken-bout, Willis?! Those are Leawood and nice place breeds that don't run off from their good homes. You know gramps will be shooting his nasty ghetto neighbors' trash eating pit-mix mutts!!