Sunday, January 05, 2020

Show-Me Faith Life Contemplation Of Missouri Senator Josh Hawley

This one is left leaning but offers a peek how how the noob Senator often strays from typical GOP talking points . . . Take a look:

Thinking along with Emma Green: Sen. Josh Hawley dares to tilt at many GOP windmills - GetReligion

It's the question that many politicos have been asking: What happens to the Republican Party after the Citizen Donald Trump era? Here's another question that is linked to that: What happens to cultural and religious conservatives - those that backed Trump and those that opposed him (openly or priva


Lorem Ipsum said...

The only question with regard to Hawley is: will he be able find a new job in his home town of Washington, D.C. before his first Senate term ends, or will he be forced to swallow his contempt for us commoners and return to Missouri to run again?

SO EXCITED said...

You're surely not suggesting Air Claire had compassion and empathy for the commoners of which you speak, are you? If so, you are stupid as Swallow-well. "I will be bold, without the bold".

Anonymous said...

Hawley and Claire both despise us commoners. But Hawley has a Gay face and Claire is decrepit and will end up in one of those shit hole nursing homes.

Anonymous said...

I note that the only defense of Hawley that his supporters give boils down to "he's better than Claire".

Isn't it sad that we have a Senator with absolutely no accomplishments of his own to point to?

Perhaps some day Missouri will again elect at least one Senator who will try to do something for the State.