Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Another horrible town considers the KCMO bus ride free pass but backs off GIVEN VERY LITTLE INFO ABOUT HOW CITY HALL IS GOING TO PAY FOR IT YEAR AFTER YEAR.

Yeah, the real plan is just one clandestine tax increase after the next and that might be why municipalities all over the nation admire our spirit but won't sign on for the epic costs. Checkit:

Kansas City wants free transit for all, could Cleveland one day follow?

CLEVELAND, Ohio - One of the bolder ideas to emerge from the Cleveland Rising Summit, last fall's communitywide gathering to consider ways of making our economy more robust and inclusive, was to make public transit free for everybody. Think of it.


  1. More of Lucas being an idiot and handing out freebies to the black race.

  2. ^^Spoken like someone who has never taken the bus one day of their lives.

  3. ^^^ Why would they want too fool?

  4. Looks like the city of Cleveland might have some people in their municipal finance department who are actually able to do basic arithmetic.
    Any of them want to move to KCMO?
    Amateur night on the plains.

  5. Colonel Angus1/21/20, 12:15 PM

    Search Youtube for "Hastily made Cleveland tourism video". 'Tis too funny !

  6. just gonna make it likely i never can put my bike on because there's already two on the rack.

    forget relying on the bus to get to work on time.

    what do the drivers think of it? on the one hand, no more worrying about the farebox. but on the other, my goodness, they are going to be tasked with sorting and dealing with some of the dredges of society, horrific social encounters. a fare is not much but some kind of a check against people just wanting a place to get out of the elements or a different surroundings to shout at strangers in.

    and one of the number one obstacle toward getting people to choose a transit system is the reality of having those kind of encounters at stops and on the bus with panhandlers or crazy or obnoxious or obscene people. the idea of free bus is just going to make it a worse problem, again a big ask of the drivers to do this. i wonder what their union thinks of it.

    lastly, what radish wants is for the bus to be free for me but not for thee. and for more frequent service on 101 and 106 and a few more complaints too boring to bring up here, ah
    thx, radish

  7. The city keeps promoting that it's eight million dollars for free bus service. The problem is that is just the first year. Over twelve years the cost will be nearly $100 million and will never end.

  8. Backwards thinking...
    The logic the Mayor used is that the Street Car has no cost to ride and it is in a mostly white section of town. So then the bus service should also be free since these routes are on the mostly diverse parts of town.
    It is amazing...I know Lucas does not really believe this line of reasoning.

  9. Lets pay for it the same way we pay for the car fetish toxic sprawl and constant maintenance it requires.

  10. 5:01 have you ever ridden the metro bus? which routes are you familiar with? you sound like a fad chasing airhead who wants others to use transit but you don't. -radish

  11. Tired of same shit1/21/20, 6:52 PM

    No guts Cleveland! Just do it like KC. Don't worry about paying for things. Just go bankrupt like KC. We've got Tifs galore, new airport, toy train, bike lanes, a beautiful unpaid for animal shelter, MLK signs still up despite vote, failing school system and bestest shooters and worst prosecutor in the nation, subsidized Cordish Power & Light district and garages, etc. You name it, we got it! Pay? Hey, we just raise property taxes, extend the illegal earnings tax, levy 10-13% sales tax. Not to worry. Vote democrap over and over like we do in killa shitty, and everything will be ok.



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