Saturday, January 25, 2020

Senator Hawley Forcing Subpoenas Against Biden & Schiff Amid Impeachment Push Back

Missouri's strongest supporter of Prez Trump makes his POWER MOVE over the weekend. Basically putting the accusers of the Commander-In-Chief on trial. Checkit:

Sen. Hawley readies subpoena votes for Bidens, Schiff

If the witness vote succeeds, Hawley aims to force votes on subpoenas for House Intelligence Chairman Schiff (D-Calif.), Vice President Biden, Hunter Biden, Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, the still-unnamed whistleblower who reported Trump's July call with the Ukrainian president and a reported acquaintance of the whistleblower's.


Anonymous said...

What are Democrats afraid of ?

Byron Funkhouser said...

What could Biden possibly have to say about Trump's shakedown of Ukraine?

He's not a witness, & neigther is Schiff.

We are not trying the Bidens, we are trying the dictator.

Hawley just sold his soul to make a name for himself in a party on death's door.

chuck said...

Yeah right Byron,"Trump's Shakedown".

The ONLY money that changed hands was the $84,000.00 a month that Hunter Biden acquired for having daddy's DNA while daddy was VP.

Peter Schweizer nails these cons to the wall.

Biden was almost as good as the Clintons with their 'Foundation'.


Anonymous said...

It took less than 2 hours for the White House Counsel to completely shred and eviscerate Adam Schiff’s case today.

The President’s legal team focused on the indisputable facts and effectively showed the American people what Adam Schiff has been hiding from them - the TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

Missouri house of representatives is also investigating Missouri auditor Nichole Galloway....Sometimes life is good.

Anonymous said...

dear god bLIEron, just stop, you are way too stupid to be on this blog, you couldn’t tell the truth if your life depended on it..... maybe that’s how you get your welfare, by being a professional liar.

Anonymous said...

Stupid is as stupid does.

Hawley is a really dumb cunt.

Anonymous said...

Hawley is a true American hero helping to rid us of sleepy creepy joe biden and his crooked, corrupt cronies!!! God bless josh and the greatest President this country has evar seen! Trump 2020! Hawley 2024!

Anonymous said...

Corruption, shakedowns and payoffs?

We have Biden's tax returns. Decades worth. Prior to this year, the GOP made fun of Biden as being the poorest and most unsuccessful member of the senate.

Back to the real subject, where are Trump's personal and business returns? Let's see how much he is over billing the government for use of his resorts. Issue a subpoena for those.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Congress already issued a subpoena for them. A court ordered them to be produced.

Trump has ignored that too. It's just more obstruction and unconstitutional actions and then he wonders why he is impeached.

Reality Speaker said...

Really enjoy Hawley after years of Hillary clone AirClaire.

Anonymous said...

Hawley will never be POTUS. The Trumps have it on lockdown until 2064.

Anonymous said...

2:40 thank god for the Trumps! They could make hawley Vice President then!

Anonymous said...

Except that he's not being impeached for actual crimes. Obstruction isn't one of the joke articles.

The more you know!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Article 2 of this impeachment is specifically for Obstruction of Congress.

Go read something. Obviously, you should start with the actual impeachment articles. Then move on to the Mueller Report and read how Russia is not a hoax. Lots of meetings, lots of crimes.

The "more you know" guy knows less than anyone on this blog.