Tuesday, January 07, 2020

SecState Pompeo Doubles Down On Airstrike

Probably the last time we'll focus on this Kansas power player given that his Senate career ambitions were also burned to a crisp in this attack. Read more:

Mike Pompeo On Drone Strike That Killed Iran's Top Military Leader: 'We Got It Right'

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo provided a full-throated defense Tuesday of the U.S. drone strike that killed a top Iranian military leader. That killing last week has ratcheted up tensions between Tehran and Washington, prompting vows of retaliatory strikes. "It was the right decision.


Silvia Stolz said...

Trump and war-whores like Pompeo will plunge the US into a war with Iran because that is exactly what their bloodthirsty Zionist donors want.

Strother Martin said...

Twenty Americans died for I$rael today.

Lorem Ipsum said...

Yes, but don't forget Mike Pompeo speaks from the vast amount of Strategic Strategy Expertise gained through his service as a Tank Maintenance Officer in Peacetime Germany.

Anonymous said...

All you stupid white folks have been walking around all proud of electing trump and the phony pompeo but now that our troops will be dying as the result of trumps murder of the Iran general we will see how much support you have for him now. Dummies

Anonymous said...

Correction, Justice, not murder. So simple to understand when you review this general's (terrorist) resume and his mission statement.

Anonymous said...

^^^Look, I get where you're coming from but how do you think this guy is any different from any CIA officer? Because, he ain't the actual one doing the killing, he's just the guy organizing the proxies. If you can't see American hypocrisy here, I just can't help you.

America has been fucking shit up worldwide for a long time and when someone has the audacity to retaliate we act all high and mighty and morally superior. It's pretty much bullshit.

Things aren't black and white, they're gray and that's what many fail to realize.