Monday, January 06, 2020


In much the same way that even heiress Perez Hilton had to take a 2nd job as a DJ because of harsh times . . . Kansas City's good economic fortunes seems to be fading . . .

A quick collection from today's headlines:

KCTV5: Macy's location at Prairie Village closing in 90 days

KSHB: Post-holiday layoffs affect Kansas City area workers, including Hallmark and Russell Stover

Kansas City Fed: Manufacturing Activity Declines . . .

The decline is just a bit bigger than the death of retail . . . But that's not helping.

And so, despite political chatter regarding the greatest and enduring bull market in recorded history. Lasting evidence of as much is growing harder to quantify.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Is this some of that momentum that sLIE and gopher boi have been talking about all these years? I’m guessing they weren’t getting paid any taxpayer money to stay because that’s the only way businesses come to kc.

Anonymous said...

Trump is really killing it. So much winning.

Anonymous said...

10:58 yeah, sure, let's go back to Obama - 1% growth and NO manufacturing at all.

Anonymous said...

1%? nope. Other than the first year of the great recession started under Bush, GDP under Obama was between 1.6% and 2.9% (which Trump did say was pathetic). Trump has maintained the same "pathetic" growth between 2% and 2.9%, well short of the 5% to 7% he promised. Trump also exploded the annual debt to do it.

2009, -2.5%
2010, 2.6%
2011, 1.6%
2012, 2.2%
2013, 1.8%
2014, 2.5%
2015, 2.9%
2016, 1.6%

2017, 2.4%
2018, 2.9%
2019, 2.0% estimate

We had lots of manufacturing under Obama. He saved the auto industry from bankruptcy during the recession. Also ask the local Harley workers (who lost their manufacturing jobs under Trump).

Check your facts before you post. Otherwise you might get your ass handed to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh no Macy's is closing... where am I gonna get my Dockers from now?

Anonymous said...

1:52 those worthless stats come from the fake news media clowns at cnn, do better next time and find the real stats dummy.

Anonymous said...

Macy's is closing but it's most likely going to be replaced by more businesses which will potentially employ just as many, if not more people, and perhaps even pay higher wages.

Everyone's so out to get trump and full of hate they have lost all perspective and whatever intelligence they had

Anonymous said...

Paris Hilton's sex tape movie so sickened her Grandfather that he cut her out of his will. And possibly Paris's dad too. She went poor years ago, but her fashion sales or items has helped her a bit. But that could go under like all other retail efforts. The economy is extremely weak - only trillions in free new money injected into the reop market by the fed is keeping Deutch Bank solvent. But it will fail and it will being our economy down fast.

Anonymous said...

MAGA! Everything Trump touches dies! Enjoy the recession!

Anonymous said...

The only fake numbers are the unemployment stats from Trump's labor department. The same department Trump himself called fake.

The real number is over 8%.

Anonymous said...

That Macy's store has been hanging on by a thread for years. I am totally surprised it wasn't closed years ago. You never see cars in the parking lot like you use to 5 - 10 years ago. Leawood wins Prairie village loses.

Anonymous said...

Paris or Perez? Be better T.